Samsung E700 Review – Early Flip Phone with Camera

Samsung E700 Review: The Samsung E700 was an early flip phone released by Samsung in 2003. By this time, Samsung had already had great success in this area of phones. The Samsung A300 in 2001 and the Samsung T100 in 2002 were both popular phones. One core reason was the addition of the second external screen to the outside of the phone. The T100 also kept up the pace of technological improvement and featured a colour screen.

The rate of improvement had not slowed, and the new E700 reflected some new trends. The external LCD screen also became capable of being a colour screen (previously mono, now 256 colours). The phone also included an integrated digital camera. Like most cameraphones of this age, it was a VGA resolution.

Another reflective trend was the emergence of different coloured handsets. A downside for previous flip owners was that their phone was only available in silver colour. By contrast, the E700 came available in five different colours.

Two variants were released of this phone, both identical in look. The Samsung E715 differed in that its camera had a flash.

Full specifications here.

This phone was very successful like its predecessors, and racked up sales in excess of 10 million units. An upgrade was released in 2005 in the form of the Samsung E720. This phone featured better quality displays, an improved camera, Bluetooth and more on-board memory.


Samsung E700 Review: Pros

  • The design of the phone was good – the overall footprint of the phone was compact. Most notably, the E700 lost the bulky, sticking out aerial that previous phones had, integrating it inside the phone.
  • The external screen is now colour, which gives better versatility than the older mono designs, meaning that images can be displayed.
  • Most notably there is a camera on the phone. Taking photos is easy and the camera is sensibly placed. Unlike other early camera phones there are some on-board software enhancements for pictures.
  • Memory for the phone is 9MB, which is fairly high and sufficient considering the specification.

Samsung E700 Review: Cons

  • Disappointingly the internal display did not feature a better resolution or screen size than the Samsung T100. Pictures still appeared relatively blocky.
  • The external screen was also less legible, especially in bad light where the older mono one with blue backlight worked better for text.
  • Connectivity was still limited on the device. There was no Bluetooth and its infrared function only worked with the PC.
  • The battery had the same colour as the front of the phone – if you had to change the battery, the same colour one may not be available.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

The phone is fairly distinctive, and at only 86g, remains very small and light by todays standards. Probably not a classic just yet but in future it may be highly regarded.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Samsung E700 Disassembly Guide

For some instructions on how to take apart the Samsung E700 for repair purposes, here is a link.

Samsung E700 Video Review

Here is a video review showcasing the Samsung E700 features:

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