Siemens A65 Review – Basic CSTN Colour Mobile Phone

Siemens A65 Review: Released in 2004, the Siemens A65 was the latest in the ‘A’ series of mobile phones from Siemens. The sign of the times was that Siemens were making a lot of phones in different families that were roughly similar. The standard Siemens phone was a small, candy bar type mostly aimed at budget levels. A few models like the Siemens SL55 did break the mould and go for the premium market. A few others marketed under the ‘Xelibri’ brand and were incredibly experimental (and nowadays, collectable).

The Siemens A65 came hot on the heels of the Siemens A60 which was only released a few months before hand. Part of a twin release (the other phone being the Siemens A62), these phones did not particularly improve upon any aspect but offered a more modern look. With phones developing at different rates in different markets, it was always possible to offer quite similar models as they could be sold to different countries and networks.

Full specifications here.

The fate of these phones ultimately came to an end soon after. The phone was refreshed in 2005 as the Siemens A75 which was again more or less the same model. But after this, BenQ gained control of the Siemens division and the phone styles changed quite a bit.


Siemens A65 Review: Pros

  • As with many of the lower-end Siemens phones, price dominated the offering. Competition was tough at this end of the market with Nokia having many models and a large user base. The A65 was pitched only a little bit above the cheaper models and replicated many of the types of features such as WAP and on-board games.
  • The design was clean and clear. It was a standard generic look. The current trend of personalisation was upheld, and the phone had replacement covers available (albeit difficult to find in the market). This allowed a more striking two-toned effect with the secondary colour on the keypad.
  • The phone featured a coloured screen, of CSTN type. This was not the best, or the largest in the market at the time, but allowed images to be displayed.
  • The phone also featured a common connection with previous models. This allowed accessories such as the plug-in camera to be used.

Siemens A65 Review: Cons

  • The screen was among one of the worst types. Low resolution and small in size, it also struggled in daylight. Displaying photos was quite poor on this.
  • The phone also suffered from only 1.5MB of on-board memory: this restricted much of the photos and phonebook and previous call data was limited.
  • The phone also featured the same battery as seen as in its mono phones. But as this was now powering a colour screen, standby and talk times were shorter.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Siemens older phones were numerous, particularly in this style. There were many models released over quite a short period of time. Thus I would imagine that for many of these models the market may be quite thin. Working accessories may fare better seeing as they would work for numerous phones.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Siemens A65 Disassembly 

For instructions on how to take apart the Siemens A65 for repair purposes, please see this link.

Siemens A65 Video Review

Here is an interesting Siemens A65 video review showing some of the features of the phone:

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