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Curious Cat Review Summary
Curious Cat has some good points, in that in comes in an app. This means it can be very fast to get to cut to the chase: to browse the opportunities for earnings.

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Here is how Curious Cat compares to other similar apps:

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What is Curious Cat?

Created in 2017, Curious Cat is another site where users can get paid for sharing their opinions. It is much the same as many other sites offering similar services. There are a few differences. First, the cat branding. Perhaps being cynical, but this may be a deliberate attempt to distract people from the rather monotonous task at hand. Secondly, all surveys are done through the apps, and there is nothing available online.

This actually has some benefits, as many surveys are actually easier to take via phone. And they can be taken at any time – for instance on the train, or in bed. This is in contrast to other sites, where you have to log in and sit at a computer.

Underneath it all, there is nothing special about the business. It simply sells data for more than it pays for it. There are no shortage of companies who wish to canvas data in this way, and there are no shortage of users.

Are Curious Cat profitable?

Curious Cat is a trading name of On Device Research Ltd. This company is a much bigger one than just Curious Cat and most likely has other different applications as well as face-to-face services. The accounts do not reveal much apart from that they are most likely a fairly small company in this field.

Curious Cat Sign Up Offer

There are no sign up incentives for Curious Cat at the moment.

Curious Cat Operating Model

This is simple. The only way to access the site is via an app, which can be downloaded for either iOS or Android. Once you are in, you are required to answer some questions about yourself, which helps you qualify for surveys.

The app is not sophisticated. Surveys will appear on the home screen if you qualify for them. There is no obligation to take a survey if you do not wish to. On clicking a survey, you will see how many points it is worth, and how long it is projected to take.

The app uses an internal currency system of points instead of showing monetary amounts. Currently there is 100 points to one pound, so calculating how much you are due is very easy. Points are credited once you have finished a survey.

Surveys can vary in length and topic, and come from a variety of providers. Being on mobile of course, they will be all optimised for touchscreen handsets. The rate of surveys appearing is quite high, although this is balanced out by the negative points.

The minimum payout is low, at just 100 points = £1. You are paid via Paypal.

Curious Cat Review Pros:

  • We like that this is app-only. Many surveys work better in this format, and they are easy to take.
  • The minimum payout is very low at just £1.
  • Depending on your demographic and country, new surveys may be regular.

Curious Cat Review Cons:

  • The app sucks graphically, despite claiming it is ‘world class’. In addition, surveys simply open in a new browser window. It pretty much could have been offered online as well.
  • Surveys are not filtered – you could spend time answering questions and be rejected, which means you get paid nothing.
  • The pay rate appears extremely low, and the higher paying surveys are not common. Some tasks offer the equivalent of 1p a minute, or 60p an hour.
  • The subject of the survey is not apparent before opening.

Curious Cat Potential Earnings?

With no other ways to earn money on the site, the rate of earnings growth is likely to be very slow. This is unless you get lucky and hit a higher-paying survey.

Curious Cat Conclusion

There are higher paying survey sites out there such as Prolific. Even Qmee probably pays more. Generally the site is not particularly user-friendly. It is rudimentary to look at, and it generally is not too efficient to take surveys at the rate they are paying. The low payout rate is a plus, though.

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