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Summary of Intellizoom Review
Intellizoom is a legitimate site where you can earn money for sharing your opinions on user experience. Some of the tasks are a little harder than standard survey sights and require audio or video. This is reflected in a slightly higher pay-rate. A long-established company, Intellizoom are pretty reliable in offering new opportunities, although whether you will qualify for them is another matter.

Here is how Intellizoom compares to other similar platforms:

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What is Intellizoom?

Intellizoom is the online testing facing part of a much larger company called UserZoom. Founded in 2007 in Barcelona with its headquarters in the United States, this company specialises in the field of User Experience (UX). It uses a variety of different methods to assist companies streamline this user experience, both online and offline.

The Intellizoom panel is such a tool that specialises in online data gathering. With a large database of ready and willing participants, users can take part in research projects both quickly and easily. The size of the company is such that many international brands take part.

Intellizoom is a more advanced platform than many of its peers. Some of its surveys require an application to be downloaded onto your PC. Some require your webcam and audio to be in use and you to explain your thoughts out loud while you are completing a task. Other tasks are based on tablets or mobile phones, and you will only be able to access them if you are on the correct device. As such, there is a much greater range of tasks available here.

Another notable difference is that pay rates are fixed per task type and do not vary. They are also fixed in currency, so you are paid in USD no matter where you are.

Are Intellizoom profitable?

Intellizoom’s parent company is Userzoom Technologies, Inc. This company is not publicly traded, and details on profits are not readily available. However, in the past they have raised over $36m in seed capital. It is likely that their current valuation is several times this, and Intellizoom are a small part of the overall business.

Intellizoom Sign Up offer

Currently there are no sign-up offers available for Intellizoom.

Intellizoom Operating Model

Signing up is simple, and you have to answer some informational questions about yourself in order to qualify yourself for surveys. Then, it is a matter of waiting for surveys to become available. Almost without exception, you will be notified by email when one is available.

The surveys can take many forms, from basic types where you simply answer questions, to more advanced ones where you complete a task and have to provide some commentary on what you are doing. This may seem weird the first time around, but once you have done it once it gets easier. We have the impression that Intellizoom is an expensive platform for companies to use, therefore tasks will tend to be from much larger, household names.

Some of the tasks have restrictions on which equipment you can use. For example, browsers, operating systems and type of device come into play. This is noted in the email. Some may require a one-time download of a program onto your system. The difficulty of tasks is generally a little harder than other platforms. Some require a definite action to be performed.

It is important to note that simply receiving a survey does not guarantee an acceptance. You have to answer some more screening questions, and only if you qualify you will progress onto the task.

Payment for task is fixed at $8 for the advanced ones and $5 for the simpler ones. Your answers are checked and if you are accepted you simply get a Paypal payout a few weeks later. Thus, there are no balances to build up on the website.

Intellizoom Review Pros:

  • Intellizoom are a large company and likewise attract large companies to work with them. The flow of tasks is good and you can be shortlisted for them regularly.
  • The pay per task runs well above that of other review sites. For example, a $8 task may take 10-15 minutes, a $5 one much less.
  • There is no minimum cash-out level, you are simply paid when you complete a task.
  • Payments are consistent, and backed by a large company.

Intellizoom Review Cons:

  • Surveys are first-come, first-serve. All the available places may disappear in a matter of minutes.
  • The higher paying surveys require a bit more work. Not everyone may be comfortable recording themselves.
  • There is a relatively long wait for payment. During this time it is unknown whether your work has been accepted.
  • Selection for tasks is not automatic, meaning you could waste a few minutes of your time filling out questions only to be screened out.

Intellizoom Typical Earnings

Although new tasks appear regularly, they also disappear quickly if you cannot access the site immediately after. Also, it is also fairly likely that you may be screened out. On average it may be that the average user completes one task per week. Clearly, this isn’t a site to make you rich.

Intellizoom Review: Conclusion

Intellizoom are a more advanced survey site than many others and offer something pretty unique. They are one of the few sites which offer survey opportunities on phone or tablet. For those who don’t mind recording video and/or audio of themselves, some of the tasks have a pretty good pro-rated pay rate.

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