Motorola V635 Review – Updated Flip Mobile Phone

Motorola V635 Review: Released in 2004, the Motorola V635 was a more substantial update to the earlier Motorola V600 than the number suggested. The last family of Motorola flip phones (comprising V220/V300/V500/V600 models) had been a great success. By offering different handsets at different price points they were able to scoop up a great market segment. This built on their earlier flip success such as the Motorola V50, V60 and V66.

However, times were changing and the flip market was becoming more competitive. Colour screens and cameras were now able to be added to devices, and they had got more powerful. Companies such as Samsung were putting out innovative designs such as the Samsung V200. This featured a rotatable camera so users could take selfies with ease.

The Motorola V635 was pitched at the upper end of the market, although it was not the top dog – the Motorola V975 had but the same spec but with a front-facing camera. It featured great build quality and improved internal stats. An important phone that also came out around this period was the Motorola V3 RAZR. The V635 was technically a better phone, but the RAZR featured an eye-catching design.

Full specifications here.

These phones were still successful for Motorola. A related model – the Motorola V235 was released shortly after. This featured the look of the V635, but in a reduced cost, budget format. The Motorola V1050 was perhaps the last upgrade to this format, as the thinner RAZR designs were preferred.


Motorola V635 Review Pros:

  • Build quality was great on the handset. Much like the V600, it featured metallic back covers and a slide in front shell, allowing users to personalise their phone in different colours.
  • Both internal and external screens were upgraded and featured higher colour quality. In the case of the external one, this was now much bigger and able to display photos.
  • The camera gained a bump in resolution and also had a flash which made it easier to take photos in poor lighting conditions.
  • A memory card slot was also added to the phone, thereby increasing the storage avaiable.

Motorola V635 Review Cons:

  • This was a heavy handset, and was heavier than the V600. Much of this could be attributed to the metallic covers, which could be swapped out for plastic ones.
  • The aerial was still present which was long relative to the phone; in other phones such as the RAZR/PEBL this was phased out entirely.
  • The camera application was rather weak, and produced inferior quality shots to phones with better lenses.
  • The price of the handset was high and certainly more expensive than phones such as the Sony Ericsson K750i.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

The Motorola V635 is much rarer on the market than older flip phones. The sheer number of models saw things being diluted somewhat. Nevertheless the build of the handset is high quality and many are found in good condition. These should hold value pretty well.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Motorola V635 Disassembly Instructions

If you are interest to take apart the Motorola V635 for repair purposes, see this link.

Motorola V635 Video Review

Here is a video which shows the main features of the Motorola V635:

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