Nokia N95 Review – Game Changing Mobile Phone

Nokia N95 Review: Released in 2007 after a long wait, the Nokia N95 was one of the few handsets that offered a large jump in specifications almost overnight. Like many game-changing mobile handsets, it didn’t offer anything particularly new. But it was one of the first to bundle many top-end features into one handset. As a result, the versatility of the mobile phone changed very quickly. Here was something that was genuinely an all-around media device.

The most striking feature was the screen. The slide mechanism was nothing new – as seen in the Nokia 6280, but the Nokia N95 made this an oversized one and the screen was much larger. The display of the screen was also improved, now a 16M colour screen, making it easy to watch movies. A lesser-known feature was that the slide could slide in both directions – the other direction of the slide revealing some media-purposed keys.

The main improvements came under the handset. An increased RAM and in-built Wi-Fi made running applications smooth. Taking advantage of this, the phone offered a wide range of applications and now bundled the Nokia Maps application with it. With on-board A-GPS, the phone could be used as a portable sat-nav.

Full specifications here.

The bundle of features was very successful, and was so good the N95 got an upgrade very quickly. The Nokia N95 8GB as its name suggested had 8GB of storage as standard, but also featured a slightly larger display at no size difference.


Nokia N95 Review Pros:

The display was among the largest for Nokia at the time. A 240 x 320 pixel, 2.6 inch screen was clear enough for pictures and video. The slide mechanism also allowed a great deal of room for a number of function keys on the front keypad.

The camera was 5MP and among the best in class at the time. The camera also recorded video at a very high 30 frames per second and also included a front facing QVGA video camera.

The phone was almost perfect for media. An on-board graphics chip and support for many video formats meant things ran smoothly. The phone also came with a TV-out and 3.5mm audio lead for maximum compatibility. Video streaming was also possible with the Wi-Fi connection.

Nokia N95 Review Cons:

Screen resolution was the same as the Nokia 6300. Considering that this had a smaller size, this equated to less pixels per inch.

The phone featured 160MB on board memory: fairly small for a handset of this quality. Images at the top resolution could eat it up quickly. The phone did feature an microSD card slot.

Downloading more applications for the phone was difficult and unwieldy, and few third-parties developed apps. In time, the Nokia eco-system would pale against the Apple and Android app stores.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

In some ways the Nokia N95 is still a powerful handset today, and certainly is remembered as a classic handset. Refurbished models are still available at reasonable prices and second hand ones have no trouble being sold.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Nokia N95 Disassembly Guide

If you would like to take apart the Nokia N95 for repair purposes, here is a helpful link.

Nokia N95 Video Review

Here is a video review of the Nokia N95 which showcases some of its best features:

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