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Summary of OnePoll Review
OnePoll is a site that offers money for filling out surveys. The surveys are often quick and easy to complete, although the amount earned for each one is relatively low. The minimum cash out here is also quite high and may be frustrating for some users.

Here is how OnePoll compares to other similar sites:

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What is OnePoll?

Unlike many other competitors offering similar services, OnePoll has been around for some time. Since the early 2000s the company has been canvassing the public on a variety of opinions, from product brands to opinions on current events. This has seen it grow into a much larger company offering a range of services to both business and government. Many of its gathered opinions also become news (although you may not realise this).

The dawn of the internet has allowed data to flow much faster. OnePoll use this to canvas opinions. They typically offer users shorter surveys comprising of 10-20 questions. For their trouble, users are also compensated for a small amount, typically 10-20p. Their service is available not just in the UK but the US as well.

Are OnePoll profitable? 

OnePoll are part of a much larger business, the South West News Service. From their latest accounts, we cannot tell how large OnePoll is in relation to the company, but it is a pretty safe bet that it is a very small part of it. The company is profitable and well-established, so it seems unlikely that OnePoll will be going anywhere soon.

OnePoll Sign Up Offer?

OnePoll has a very simple and effective sign-up offer: get £2.50 in your account for free simply for joining up. Click here to join!

OnePoll Operating Model

OnePoll’s model is simple. Their site is available on web only (using computer or mobile/tablet). There is not an app for it. You give your personal details to sign up, and answer some demographic questions, and that is all.

Unlike other sites, you will find quite a few surveys for you to take straight away. Surveys tend to canvas general opinions on current events and other things as opposed to products. They are also somewhat easier to fill in, as they are shorter. A survey may contain 10-20 questions. Once you have completed all of these, new surveys will depend on your demographic, but should be quite regular.

The payment for surveys is around 10-20p and is credited after completion. This is quite a low amount, but the surveys are quite quick to complete. OnePoll also is active on social media, and apparently these offer other opportunities to earn more money such as focus groups although I have not seen this.

Payout is by bank transfer or Paypal. The minimum amount to cashout is quite a hefty £30. This seems quite unreasonable given that sites such as Qmee have no minimum payout. But I would guess if they didn’t have this, people would simply withdraw the free sign up bonus.

OnePoll Review Pros:

  • Surveys are quick and easy to fill out. There are rarely surveys here which take more than a few minutes.
  • Most of the surveys are eligible to be taken. There are a few where you will be screened out, but this is not that many.
  • New surveys appear relatively regularly, although you do not get an email when they are ready
  • Long-standing and established company, so should be around in future

OnePoll Review Cons:

  • Surveys are low-paying. There is little variation in how much they pay either, despite some being longer than others.
  • Some may find few surveys after completing the initial burst
  • The payout bar of £30 seems unreasonably high, many people will not make it.

OnePoll Typical Earnings:

Will be slow. Even completing a survey per day would lead to a couple of pounds per month. Cashing out will take some time and some persistent use of the website.

OnePoll Review Conclusion

OnePoll is an established platform that offers easy-t0-complete surveys and also a generous sign-up bonus. The only downside is that the minimum payout is quite high.

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