Qmee Review – Get Paid to Click and Answer Surveys

Summary of Qmee Review
Qmee offer a variety of different ways to earn cashback – via surveys and pay-per-click services. Sadly, the surveys side is quite lacking compared to other more established sites in both context and pay rates. The pay-per-click service also tends to offer very few opportunities. On the upside the program is discrete and over time, pennies can build up. Another bonus is that you can cash out whenever you want.

Here is how Qmee compares to similar sites:

PlatformLinkEase of UsePotential EarningsValueTotalStatus

What is Qmee?

Qmee is an app for both online and mobile. Founded in 2012, it markets itself to businesses as a gatherer of intelligence and hot leads. Users are incentivised to participate by the use of payments, often for completing surveys, but also by the use of a browser extension which can offer instant cash rewards for clicking on a particular item.

The platform has expanded its offering in recent years and now offers a cashback-type service similar to Quidco or Topcashback. This gives you money back on your purchases. This is not going to overtake either of these sites any time soon, being a scaled down, small offering. But purportedly, the site gathers more information about yourself and promotes more suitable offers.

For what seems to be a smaller company, Qmee have expanded impressively. Their app is available in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Is Qmee profitable?

Qmee appears to be a trading name of Qmee Limited. This company last filed its accounts on 28 August 2020 and covers the 12 months to 31 December 2019. On a limited amount of information it does appear that the company are trading very well and made a profit of £1.2m in this period. Both creditors and debtors are up sharply, some evidence of a large increase in the scale of business. The company appears debt free and had c.£700k of cash in the bank at the end date.

Qmee Sign Up Offer?

Currently there is no Qmee sign up offers available.

Qmee Operating Model

Qmee offer their services via app or desktop. I would say they are approximately the same, but each has some downsides. The desktop site can run more discreetly (because it is toolbar based), but answering surveys is easier on a mobile.

Signing up is simple, and you can provide some details about yourself to get started. Generally over time Qmee will end up getting a more rounded profile as one or two more profiling questions will appear every time you log in. It is important to answer these accurately as these will give rise to more surveys.

Surveys are the primary means of earning cash. Typically there are plenty of them and they are added throughout the day. They tend to be quite substantial (10 minutes or so) and from large companies. However, they are generally not well paid. You can boost your earnings by getting a ‘streak’ – basically answering one question on the site per day for 5 consecutive days. However, the boost here is only modest.

The other main way of earning cash is via paid clicks. On desktop you’ll need to install a browser add-on first. When browsing for qualifying items, Qmee will pop up at the side and offer sponsored links, together with how much they pay. These tend to be contextual, so if you’re looking at buying an iPad, it’ll bring up iPad-related equipment. Payment values vary but typically 4-7p per click is where it is at. You don’t have to purchase anything on the site.

The last way is straightforward cashback. This works pretty much like the more established sites, but Qmee has much less choice.

Getting paid is easy. Unlike other sites, there is no minimum amount for withdrawal. Once you have linked your Paypal account, you usually get paid a couple of hours after you have requested it.

Qmee Review Pros:

  • There are lots of things to do on the site. Even if you don’t get the pop-ups for clicks, there will be surveys available.
  • The browser add on runs smoothly and doesn’t intrude. This is one of the few companies that do offer this type of service.
  • Getting paid for clicks is easy and does not require a purchase. Earnings are credited to the account instantly.
  • There is no minimum cashout and payments are extremely quick.

Qmee Review Cons:

  • The surveys part of the site is not great value for money. Typically the surveys are not worth doing – 20 minutes for 46p is one that I saw. A survey like this will almost certainly be boring and monotonous. Only sometimes will there be something with an acceptable payment:time ratio.
  • Even worse, the surveys are not pre-approved. You need to answer some screening questions first and you could still be rejected.
  • The Qmee toolbar works well, but only brings up sporadic earnings opportunities. In general it will only appear a few times per day.
  • The cashback and deals parts are poor and generally bettered elsewhere.

Qmee Typical Earnings

It is not going to be a huge earner. Assuming some clicks now and then and filling out the odd good survey, a couple of pounds per month is the limit.

Qmee Review: Conclusion

Qmee offer a range of different ways to earn money from their site. The paid for clicks part is easily the better part as the surveys tend to be untargeted and also poorly paying. Your time may be better spent on sites such as Prolific.

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