Sagem MY X5-2 Review – Updated Surprise Phone Success

Sagem MY X5-2 Review: The Sagem MY X5-2 was released in 2004 by French manufacturer Sagem. It was an upgrade to an already successful phone (the Sagem MY X5). It was somewhat of a surprise that Sagem were contesting for big market shares given the numerous releases others were pushing out. But the markets were moving so quickly that if something was good, it would sell well.

One of the first Sagem phones to make it big was the Sagem MY X-6. This phone featured a large TFT colour screen, and also featured a VGA camera with protective lens cover, and greater media compatibility. This may sound modest by todays standards but was ahead of the curve relative to Nokia models such as the Nokia 7250. This was followed up by the Sagem MY X-7. This phone was not much different in truth but came with a more market-neutral metallic finish.

Around the same time comes the Sagem MY X5-2. This was a cut-price version of the MY X7, although not by much. The phone featured many of the same items but the core difference was that the phone packed a CSTN screen instead of the TFT ones seen in the more expensive models. The camera also did not allow for video recording.

Full specifications here.

Sagem’s success in this market was to be rather short-lived. The MY X-6 got an upgrade, but this phone did not. An avalanche of competitors phones quickly came after, and Sagem never really built devices for the top of the market.

Sagem MY X5-2 Review Pros:

This phone design was good – it was lighter and thinner than the Sagem MY X-6. The keypad was well designed and a 4-way navigation keypad made accessing menu items easy.

The pricing of the phone was also good. Priced lower than the more premium Sagem MY X-7 and away from the Nokia’s, it offered a compelling option in terms of value for money.

The camera took some decent photos at the time at VGA resolution. The camera also featured a mirror on the rear.

Customisability was also good on the phone with the possibility of exchangeable covers, although these would prove to be hard to find.

Sagem MY X5-2 Review Cons:

Memory was beefed up on the phone, but still lacking for a camera phone. 4MB was the limit, which as a result limited the amount of call records.

The LCD on the phone was an inferior CSTN type as seen on the previous MY-X6/7. While the resolution was the same, the definition of colours was different.

The camera on the rear lost its protective cover as seen in previous models. It also could not shoot video.

The operating system was fine, although some features were missing compared to the Nokia one, primarily a radio.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Many Sagem models quickly slipped into obscurity and hence are pretty rare nowadays. Probably more valuable than the phones are the accessories such as chargers (as these work on more than one model).

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Sagem MY X5-2 Disassembly

If you would like to know how to take apart the Sagem MY X5-2 for repair purposes, please see this link.

Sagem MY X5-2 Video Review

Click here for a video review of the Sagem MY X5-2 which shows more of the features.

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