Samsung E1200 Review – Basic, Cheap Mobile Phone

Samsung E1200 Review: Released in 2012, the Samsung E1200 was another rehash of its entry level model, the E-series. There were many variants of this phone, which were invariably released year-on-year as the series was refreshed, although at the bottom end there was no real technological advancement in spec. This phone basically competed with the Nokia 105 series, which also was re-released often.

The E1200 was initially distributed through Tesco stores but soon became ubiquitous. The extremely low price of the handset meant that at some points it was virtually free, subsidised by the network. Naturally, this sold in large numbers. There were a variety of purposes for this phone. People who did not need big features found this a cheap option, whereas others could use it as an almost disposable device.

Also known as the Keystone 2, this phone was almost devoid of any features. Much like Nokia, Samsung had segmented the market into many different slices. A myriad of different devices existed at slightly incremental price points which allowed the user extra features.

Full specifications here.

These phones would always sell in numbers. The next phone was the Samsung E1207T, which was released in 2013. This was a virtually identical model except that it featured a radio and dual SIM capability.


Samsung E1200 Review Pros:

  • The design of the phone was good. At just 65g there was very little to it and was extremely easy to carry. The phone featured a rubberised front keypad which gave the phone a degree of water protection.
  • The phone’s talktime was excellent – perhaps unsurprising given the lack of demands on the battery. Standby time was also excellent with almost a month on a full charge. This capability heavily increased the phones appeal as an emergency one.
  • Samsung also wisely maintained a degree of commonality between many (not all) of its base models. Batteries, chargers and handsfree kits all could be used interchangably.
  • The price of the phone was the main draw. Inexpensive even on a SIM-free basis, it became very cheap once attached to a network.

Samsung E1200 Review Cons:

  • For this price, it was difficult to moan. The screen was colour and perhaps not necessary, and only was at a low resolution.
  • The phone lacked any type of data transfer protocol like Bluetooth, although would unlikely to be necessary given the low amount of storage data.
  • Chargers and handsfrees used the proprietary connection instead of a universal one. This would have broadened the appeal.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

These phones were always cheap and it is possible to pick up some mint condition ones cheaply even today. It is unlikely they will heavily appreciate in the future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Samsung E1200 Disassembly Instructions

If you would like to learn how to take apart the Samsung E1200 for repair purposes, a useful link is here.

Samsung E1200 Video Review

Here is a video guide which shows the basic features of the Samsung E1200:

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