Samsung E330 Review – Flip Phone Camera With Flash

Samsung E330 Review: Released at the start of 2004, the Samsung E330 was a continuation of the ‘E’ series of flip phones. At this time, flip phones were pretty much all that Samsung were producing, having made their breakthrough with this style. The E series pretty much spanned the whole market, with some higher-end phones, budget phones and some weird phones such as the Samsung E410.

As was common at the time, this phone was released with some very similar variants. The Samsung E300 and Samsung E310 also came out at the same time. All of the phones were quite similar in looks, but most notably the Samsung E330 came with a flash for the camera. This was not exactly a new feature, but it was still a rarity as far as mobile phone cameras went.

Aside from this there was little between the phones. All were part of a more budget range of phones, as the more premium features were saved for other families.

Full specifications here.

The E-series had a long history. Whilst model numbers were seemingly not in any chronological order, an important release was the Samsung E800. This came as a slider phone with approximately the same specifications. The Samsung E340 was most likely the official successor. This lost the flash but introduced a rather unusual rotating camera lens.


Samsung E330 Review Pros:

  • This phone featured Samsung’s UFB type screen as opposed to the traditional TFT. This was a different type of display which allowed a thinner screen and lower power consumption. It resulted in a roughly 20% increase in battery life.
  • The phone also featured a flash which was rare at the time. This allowed the possibility to take photos in poor lighting conditions.
  • Unlike the other two models it was released with, the aerial was recessed into the phone instead of sticking out. This made it more comfortable to carry.
  • The phone came in a small and light size – approximately 10% lighter than the previous Samsung T100.

Samsung E330 Review Cons:

  • The UFB style screen extended battery life but at the expense of being less legible under daylight. This was due to a reduced intensity of colours.
  • Screen resolution was 128 x 160 – not improved over phones of a couple of years before.
  • The phone lacked much connectivity: no Bluetooth or even infrared port for transferring data.
  • Camera resolution was just VGA, so the flash didn’t really benefit this too much.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Many of the older Samsung flip phones are well regarded, and the E330 is no exception to that. There should be sufficient interest in this model to achieve a modest, although not great price. The market positioning for this phone becomes obvious with age. It was not constructed with as high quality materials as others and as such its condition degrades faster in use.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Samsung E330 Disassembly

If you are interesting in taking apart the Samsung E330 for repair purposes, here is a useful link.

Samsung E330 Video Review

Here is a useful video review which shows the aspects of this phone:

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