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Summary of TopCashback Review
Topcashback is a well-established company and between this and Quidco have almost all retailers in the UK signed up. A cashback site can generate a surprisingly high amount of cash in rebates, so it is well worth signing up.

Here is how TopCashback compares to other similar sites:

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What is TopCashback?

TopCashback, much like its rival Quidco was launched in 2005. The service is operates is also much identical. It receives commissions from directing users to retailers and then splits this with the user. At the time this was a totally new concept. It quickly gained traction as users realised that they could generate a reasonable sum of money by doing things they aldready did before.

Expansion here has been on a much higher level than Quidco. It localised its offering for different markets such as the US and India. With these countries having a much larger population than the UK, membership numbers there have increased rapidly. They also expanded into offline cashback, by which you can register your bank card and gain cashback from certain stores when you use it.

With cashback sites now fairly standard today, they have some real pricing power. There are many exclusive offers nowadays tailored for the cashback sites. Competition between them has seen customer service levels remain high.

Is TopCashback profitable?

TopCashback is a trading name of Top Online Partners Group Limited. The last accounts cover the period until 31 December 2018. The accounts show this to be a very profitable business, generating a pre-exceptional profit of over £11m on revenues of £128m. These results are in contrast to Quidco, which made smaller profits on a smaller turnover.

The balance sheet position is much more secure here. At the last accounts there was some £34m of cash on accounts. Whilst a portion of this will be owned by member account balances, the net asset position is in the region of £20m. The company is debt free.

The accounts also refer to the merger of Quidco, which was unsuccessful. This cost the company £2m in legal fees.

TopCashback Sign Up Offer

Currently there is no sign up offer. However, if you sign up and manage to refer a friend, TopCashback will pay you £7.50. Click here to sign up.

TopCashback Operating Model

Much like Quidco, the way TopCashback works is quite simple. You need to sign up first before you can start earning money. Once this is completed, you can browse the merchants by using the categories on the site, or by typing in their names.

The list of merchants is pretty comprehensive – between this site and Quidco there will be not many missing. The rates of cashback can differ between the sites though so it is well worth checking both of them to see who pays more.

The most important aspect of it is to ensure that you follow the links from the site directly and to make your purchase. Many other search engines also use affiliate cookies, if you browse elsewhere and go back to the retailer you may find the cookie does not track correctly. One good feature about the TopCashback site is that it has a browser extension. This allows you to activate the cashback link when a valid site is detected. This is much quicker than having to visit the TopCashback site, find the link and then click it.

Once your purchase is completed it will be tracked in your account. Cashback can take between a few days to a few months to become withdrawable, depending on what you have purchased. There is no minimum withdrawal by BACS or Paypal. Like Quidco, they also offer a small withdrawal bonus if you take your withdrawal in the form of gift vouchers. The selection is bigger here and can be good value if you are intending to use that retailer.

Much like Quidco, there is also a ‘Premium’ service which generates money for Topcashback, called Plus. This costs £5 a year and delivers some benefits such as a cashback boost, and no external advertising around the site. It is only debited from your account if you have accrued cashback earnings.

TopCashback Review Pros:

  • TopCashback are a well-established site and in good financial health. The risk of them defaulting on owed payments appears rather small.
  • Customer service is good, and they are quick to respond to raised queries.
  • The integrated browser extension helps save time and also automatically identifies eligible sites.
  • Like Quidco, they also offer a Highest Cashback guarantee.

TopCashback Review Cons:

  • Waits for some cashback can be extremely long. Cashback is not guaranteed, so it is possible (although rare) to be declined.
  • Premium membership is billed even if you are inactive for most of the year.
  • TopCashback operates in other countries, but your username/password will not work on those sites and needs a separate registration.
  • There is a smaller range of offers if you are not shopping online.

TopCashback Typical Earnings

These can be quite large depending upon your situation. Items such as banking, insurance or utility switches can pay a lot of money. Very large purchases such as holidays can also generate a surprising amount of cashback. Even general shopping, you may find that the amounts build up quite quickly. It isn’t possible to give a particular figure per month, but it will depend on your spending habits.

TopCashback Review: Conclusion

TopCashback should be an essential site for most savvy people, along with Quidco. Although it cannot be used in every online purchases, there may be situations where you are leaving good money on the table if you do not. Relative to the time spent on the site, it is an efficient earner.

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