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YouGov Review Summary
YouGov are one of the biggest market research sites, having operations in several countries. This does not translate to a bounty of riches for UK users though. Surveys are good and adequately paid when you do receive them, although they are few in number. There is also a high cash-out bar.

Here is how YouGov compares to similar apps:

PlatformLinkEase of UsePotential EarningsValueTotalStatus

What is YouGov?

Many people have a mistaken idea that YouGov is something to do with the Government. In fact it does not, and is a private company that specialises in market research. As firms go, they are also one of the largest, having gained a stock market listing and having operations in several countries. This growth hasn’t been organic: they have simply acquired many similar companies to produce one very large one.

YouGov’s speciality is online opinion polling, which users are incentivised to do. With such a large reach, they can gain very large datasets which in turn gives strong credibility to its data. Many of its findings will be familiar to the public and find their way into the news.

YouGov work across a broad range of topics and thus you can expect to be polled on opinions on brands, services or even just the latest news. Almost exclusively this will be in the form of short surveys.

Is YouGov profitable?

By virtue of being a listed company, this is quite easy to find out. YouGov have had an excellent business model which has been profitable. Most of those profits have been re-invested back into the business, to acquire other firms. Last years turnover was £152.4m which produced a profit after tax of £9.56m. The liquidity position is also excellent with £26.0m of net cash.

YouGov Signup offer?

Joining YouGov gets you 100 points to start off in your balance – this is worth £1.00.

YouGov Operating Model

YouGov works in much the same way as other survey sites. After signing up, you can give extra demographic information to sharpen your profile. This increases the chances of being selected for a survey.

When new surveys are released, you will receive an email notification and you will also see it in your YouGov account. Typically many of these surveys have quite a broad reach, and as such your chances of being screened out are slightly lower than other platforms. In terms of length of survey, they are definitely not micro-surveys, but neither are they too long. They are probably quite reminiscent of OnePoll surveys. The interface used is good – quite often the surveys are well written and there is a good use of graphics.

Payment is done in YouGov ‘points’ – currently 1 point = 1p. Most surveys appear to pay around the 50 point mark. Payout is done automatically once your account reaches the 5,000 point mark. This is the equivalent of £50, so may take some time.

YouGov also have a mobile application which runs separately to the website and features mobile-only surveys. These tend to be shorter and also pay less. YouGov also run a myriad of free surveys where you can just give your opinions on matters. These are unpaid.

YouGov Review Pros:

  • Proven platform with a long-standing business. We can have some confidence that data is being dealt with the proper way.
  • The surveys are good in quality and large in scale and you tend to be not screened out too often.
  • The mobile application also allows further opportunities; it runs off the same account so your payments can accrue faster.
  • Pay per survey is adequate, not extremely high but not penny pinching either.

YouGov Review Cons:

  • Survey flow is poor: generally there are not many opportunities.
  • The minimum payout is extremely high at £50; this may take the best part of a year to reach.
  • Plenty of other opportunities to give opinions on other matters but they are unpaid.

YouGov Potential Earnings?

This isn’t going to be a get rich quick scheme. With most surveys paying 50p and surveys few in number, it may be difficult to exceed more than £1 a week.

Yougov Review Conclusion

YouGov is a trusted brand and an established company. The surveys are fairly good when you get them but are unfortunately few in number.

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