YourSayPays Review – Get Paid To Take Surveys and Help Research

YourSayPays Review Summary
YourSayPays is a smaller platform which offers not only web-based surveys but also higher-paid work such as telephone surveys. Earning chances are not regular and with a high £20 payout bar, it may be more efficient to invest time elsewhere.

Here is how YourSayPays compares to other sites:

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What is YourSayPays?

YourSayPays does pretty much what it says in the title. It offers users the chance to earn money for giving their opinion on various subjects. The surveys tend to be short and brief, so this makes the site quite similar to something like OnePoll.

Much like other sites in the industry, the site is part of a larger market research organisation. This filters into the user experience as sometimes different opportunities come along into surveys, which are higher paying. Examples of this are video chats or competitions for prizes.

Are YourSayPays profitable?

YourSayPays are part of a larger company called the Leadership Factor. This Huddersfield-based company provides market research and related training for companies. We would guess that YourSayPays is only a very small part of this company. That being said, they are profitable and hold a relatively large amount of cash reserves, so counterparty risk appears very low here.

YourSayPays Sign Up Offer?

You are out of luck if you are wanting to find one. Currently there are no incentives for signing up.

YourSayPays Operating Model

This is quite lightweight compared to other companies. It is easy to sign up and also quick – there is only limited demographic information you have to fill out to get started. The reason for this is that screening tends to be done once the surveys arrive – the first few questions are generally probing ones, which ask about yourself.

Needless to say this can lead to a frustrating experience, as more than often you may be screened out of surveys having taken the trouble to answer a few questions. Further, there is no compensation at all for being screened out.

Surveys appear on the whole to be irregular and quite short. As you may guess, they also tend to be not well paid either, but as with other sites this can build up quickly if you do manage to fill in a few.

You will also see from time to time some different types of survey: from telephone or video interviews to focus groups. You have to qualify in the same way by passing the screening questions. These types of survey tend to be more time consuming but will reward higher amounts for your time.

There is no cashout option – this is done automatically once your account reaches £20. You can choose from cash, Amazon voucher or charity donation.

YourSayPays Review Pros:

  • Surveys are quick and easy to fill out. Generally they are not too long and pretty straightforward to complete.
  • Joining the site is very quick and there are not many things to fill out, surveys will start arriving straightaway.
  • The site offers different opportunities for earning apart from just surveys.
  • You have the opportunity to donate your earnings to charity.

YourSayPays Review Cons:

  • Surveys appear irregular, especially good ones. Surveys offering zero payment but a prize draw are pretty terrible value.
  • Many surveys – even some of the lower paid ones – require screening questions as this data was not captured on registration. This can lead to wasting time for no payment.
  • The £20 payout bar seems quite high and many will struggle to reach it.

YourSayPays Typical Earnings

Very difficult to predict. If you could qualify for some of the telephone or video reviews this would provide a boost to earnings. But on basic surveys alone, this may be a very slow and tough slog to get close to the £20 payout limit.

YourSayPays Review Conclusion

YourSayPays is a platform backed by an established company that offers a few different ways to earn money. However, the minimum payout is quite high and earning opportunities are not that regular.

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