Clickworker Review – Get Paid To Perform Micro Tasks

Summary of Clickworker Review
Clickworker is a long-established micro-task site which offers the chance to earn money by performing a wide range of very small tasks. This won’t be up everyone’s street but for those who can dedicate some time and focus to it, could earn a reasonable amount of cash.

Here is how Clickworker compares to similar platforms:

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What is Clickworker?

Clickworker are most likely the longest standing platform of its type. Incorporated in 2005, they began offering up services on its platform in 2010 using the now familiar ‘Clickworker’ name. Although many other sites have now come to the fore, most notably Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk), Clickworker has gained an exceptionally large following. As of 2019, the platform had amassed over 2 million members. Although many of these have potentially lapsed, a login does show that there are upwards of 30,000 members online at any one point.

Earning through Clickworker is a little different from other sites. The nature of the internet has led to a certain blind spot for certain jobs. These are unable to be done via computer, but also impractical to hire people for. There are a wide range of ‘jobs’ available from translation, audio verification, appraising pictures or refining search results. Typically these are also paid as piecemeal – for instance only cents per task, but the repetitive nature of the tasks means this can add up quickly.

The growth in this type of work has seen companies all over the world use services like this. And likewise, the actual location of a worker is also irrelevant as long as their language skills are sufficient to understand the instructions of the task. Workers are located all over the world.

Are Clickworker profitable?

Clickworker are incorporated in Germany and are based in Essen. Actual accounts or financial statements are hard to come by on the internet. The company has previously raised a total of 10.7m EUR, but has not tapped the market for cash for some time (2013). Despite the very large number of registrants, it is difficult to estimate many of the figures.

Clickworker Sign Up Offer?

There are no sign up offers for Clickworker. They do have a referral scheme where you can get 5.00 EUR once your friends earn 10.00 EUR. Click here to join.

Clickworker Operating Model

Clickworker operates in a slightly more complex way than other platforms due to the nature of the work involved. Signing up is a pretty standard affair, and after you complete sign-up you are straight into the platform.

Some jobs appear straight away and you can click them to read what is required and the pay rate. Some of the jobs will appear incredibly abstract and make not much sense. For instance, some will ask you what tone of voice recording you prefer. Others may ask what is a more relevant search result. Others may ask you contribute audio or video to projects. Typically it is best to be quick. There are a lot of workers on the platform and jobs can simply disappear when they are filled.

Some jobs are more complex and require qualification before you can start earning. This is presumably to ensure that work goes out to humans and not robots. Clickworker also have a range of assessments which you can take as well. These open up more jobs if you pass them. Unsurprisingly, English literacy is at the top of the list here.

The pay for tasks can vary a lot – some are larger than others but still only pay a handful of euros. Many micro-tasks end up paying mere cents per action, but it is the repetitive nature of the action which can quickly compound the cents into dollars.

Payments on the platform are carried out in Euros, no matter which country you are in. You need to earn a minimum of 5 EUR to be paid (via Paypal), or 10 EUR via bank transfer.

Clickworker Review Pros:

  • Clickworker offers a variety of different ways to earn money. There is not one particular type of job on the platform and they can vary quite a bit in their requirements.
  • For more consistent workers there is the possibility of larger projects.
  • Earnings are small but also paid very quickly on completion of jobs.
  • Clickworker are a well-established company offering work for a long time.

Clickworker Review Cons:

  • Many of the tasks are fairly monotonous and boring; maintaining focus for a long time may be difficult.
  • Pay rates can be low: perhaps below minimum wage level if you are not quick.
  • Some jobs require you to spend time qualifying for them; this may be a waste of time as jobs can be short-lived.
  • The platform is very busy and many better jobs may disappear pretty quickly.

Clickworker Typical Earnings

It isn’t possible to give a good estimate as it is dependent on many factors. We would be quite sure though that there would be some periods where few decent jobs appear on the platform and hence earnings would be tight. For those who have some focus and qualify for some of the more longer running programs there is a possibility to earn relatively well – better than filling out surveys for instance.

Clickworker Review Conclusion

Clickworker is a genuine site. Their jobs are real and they also can be trusted to pay accrued monies. Many of the jobs end up being repetitive and slightly boring, but for those with some good focus you can accrue a couple of euros. Probably something that will never be a big earner due to the volatility of job availability.

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