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Summary of Crowdology Review
Crowdology offers a good selection of surveys at various lengths and pay rates. It also offers a low cashout barrier. However, some pay rates are on the smaller side, and with some long surveys there may be more efficient uses of time.

Here is how Crowdology compares to other sites:

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What is Crowdology?

If you’re into taking surveys, then Crowdology may be a familiar name. It is yet another company offering users the chance to earn money by taking surveys. As with many of its type, it is the consumer facing arm of a larger company. Typically these companies gather research – either commissioned or otherwise and sell the results on for profit. Many of the surveys you will see here are quite similar to those seen on other sites.

Crowdology do not purport to offer anything different from other platforms, but rather simply doing things a little better. Their website appears new and easy to navigate, and offers surveys of a variety of lengths and payment rates. Minimum payout levels are low, making it possible to cash out something in the near future.

Is Crowdology profitable?

Crowdology is a trading name of Savanta Group Limited. This company does publish its full accounts so it is possible to have a delve into them. They are a mid-sized company, with a turnover of around £18m. They are profitable, although last year showed a statutory loss owing to exceptional charges due to staff incentives. The ultimate parent group is Next Fifteen Communications Group plc, which are traded on the London stock markets. Cash in the bank is over £2m so I would imagine that the surveys part of the business only constitutes a small part.

Crowdology Sign Up Bonus?

Crowdology offer neither a sign-up bonus or referral scheme.

Crowdology Operating Model

Crowdology work in a similar way to many other sites. One difference is that signing up does not require you to answer any profiling questions, and these can be answered later. This is a good thing because the profile section is pretty comprehensive. It may take some time to fill out due to the number of questions. Thankfully, Crowdology have a percentage counter so you can see how far you have to go.

Crowdology only offer one type of earning option, and that is surveys. These will appear in the main section in the account, and you’ll also get an email notification if you so desire (these can be turned off). These surveys are not pre-screened, and you will have to answer some qualification questions to access them. There is no compensation if you do not qualify for a survey. Owing to this, it may appear that there are many surveys available relative to other sites. But this may be a mirage if you cannot qualify for them.

Survey length varies, but tends to be on the longer side. The very short micro-surveys as seen on sites such as OnePoll do not appear here. Pay rates appear quite stingy and pro-rata certainly lower than other sites. For instance, a survey purports to pay £1.44 for 30 minutes – way below the minimum wage. It is the case that you probably will get it done quicker than that, but such a long survey quickly gets tedious.

The minimum level of payout is small. For a Paypal payment, this starts at just £4. Rather oddly, the site discourages holding cash as the maximum withdrawal is £7.92. You can also get paid in Amazon vouchers or GCode vouchers, but with up to a 4-week wait for these and no extra top-up, it probably is best just to go for the straightforward Paypal.

Crowdology Review Pros:

  • Nice, clean site design. Everything is laid out well and it is very simple to navigate.
  • There is quite a good flow of surveys, and you will regularly get notifications.
  • Surveys tend to be on the longer side and are not for pennies – this builds up your balance faster.
  • Cashout levels are relatively low, and you should be able to withdraw after doing a handful of surveys.

Crowdology Review Cons:

  • The profile section is large and may take some time to fill in.
  • Surveys seem to take little account of what you filled in, and are not tailored to you. Therefore, you will have to pre-qualify, and there is no payment for being screened out.
  • Some surveys are long, and offer questionable value for money. A 30 minute survey is also pretty boring.
  • For cashing out an Amazon voucher, the wait of up to 4 weeks is quite unreasonable.

Crowdology Typical Earnings:

The site are pretty much up-front about this, and that there are no real riches to be found here. With little effort it is possible to complete at least a couple of surveys per month, which should net a few pounds.

Crowdology Review Conclusion

I have mixed feelings about Crowdology. The site is nice and the payout is at a low volume. There are also plenty of surveys to take. However, I have found I have been screened out of surveys a lot, which wastes time. Some of the longer surveys are also pretty boring and not well paid on a pro-rata basis. They claim that some of their best paid surveys pay up to £10, but I have not seen much evidence of this yet. Still, it is well worth joining up just in case better opportunities do emerge.

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