Huawei G7002 Review – Small Screen, Budget Smartphone

Huawei G7002 Review: Released in 2010, the Huawei G7002 was released in an era where Huawei were a manufacturer not targeting the top of the market at all. Some of the best selling phones of 2010 were the Apple iPhone 4, the Samsung Galaxy S or the Nokia N8 and we can see that this phone was quite a way behind it. Having said that, it would not be long until this would change, and the IDEOS series of phones was yet another second-tier brand which would push the leaders.

The G7002 represented the start of a new family of phones. There was no common style to them, although they would be comparable to better handsets but with a cheaper price. The G7002 entered the relatively uncontested smaller touchscreen format. This bucked the trend for phones having larger and larger screens.

To be sure there were some quirks on this handset – the lack of Android being the main one. But the amazing point of the phone was its incredibly cheap price, which put a touchscreen phone right in amongst the budget phones.

Full specifications here.

In time the G-series of touchscreen phone would get more and more refined. Many variants imitated other manufacturers phones – offering slightly less specification at a much reduced price. Manfully most also kept on with their proprietary operating system until the newer ‘Ascend’ series went to Android.

Huawei G7002 Review Pros:

  • The phone came in a small size, and for a touchscreen budget phone was incredibly light at 95g. While newer bigger phones needed bigger pockets to hold them, this phone was small in stature.
  • The phone packed a touchscreen, but sensibly allowing for the limitations had two physical buttons next to the home keys for assistance.
  • The phone could be used a media player thanks to the intergrated microSD card slot and on-board software.
  • The price was extremely low for a touchscreen phone – a fraction of the price of a leading one.

Huawei G7002 Review Cons:

  • The touchscreen type was resistive, making it more difficult to use. Other phones like the Nokia 5230 bundled a stylus with their phone, this was not present here.
  • The phone did not feature Wi-Fi, which certainly took away from the browsing experience.
  • The rear camera was a very weak 1.3MP and there was no front facing camera.
  • The operating system was a proprietary Huawei one with relatively little expandability compared to Android.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

It could be fair to say that Huawei were relative unknowns before they really started targeting the premium market. Budget handsets like this also featured much competition from other Chinese manufacturers and networks preferred those which they could brand themselves. Thus these phones are less recognisable and attract lower prices.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Huawei G7002 Video Review

Here is a video review of the Huawei G7002 which shows some of the features:

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