LG KG130 Review – Small-Screen, Budget Mobile Phone

LG KG130 Review: Released in 2007, the LG KG130 was part of a new range of phones by LG aiming at the budget market. In terms of numbers of phones sold, the previous years saw phones such as the Nokia 1100 and its variants heavily outsell everything else. The great combination of basic usability and very low costs made these the dominant handsets in the low-cost category.

After a while, most other manufacturers wanted a piece of this pie. The KG series was the initial answer from LG. The first phone was the LG KG110 – this was broadly comparable to something like the Nokia 1600 – the colour screen about the only premium feature it had. The LG KG120 was a basic flip-style mobile phone – essentially the same features in a different format. Thus, the LG KG130 was probably the real successor to the KG110, and also the lesser known KG118.

To be sure, this phone still was a basic, budget phone. However, there was the addition of a camera in VGA format to add a little more value to things.

Full specifications here.

Typically many of these families of phones were short-lived. The KG series gained some better phones within its budget parameters, but ultimately was surpassed by the KP series. This gave the budget handset spec but with a slightly more premium design.

LG KG130 Review Pros:

  • The phone came with a more streamlined design based around straight lines. This gave the phone a much more simple and distinct look from the competition it was trying to emulate.
  • Much like the Nokia phones, this phone was available in several different colours.
  • The phone added a VGA camera with a 4 x digital zoom feature – a rarity for ultra-budget phones.
  • The phone managed to squeeze in a WAP/HTML browser giving access to the internet.

LG KG130 Review Cons:

  • The phone came with a relatively poor 1.5 inch, 128 x 128 pixel screen. This offered not much improvement over much older phones and made photos look poor.
  • Only 2MB of storage was on the phone which did not allow much space for storage of photos. The digital zoom on the camera was not really worth it at this resolution.
  • Battery life was relatively poor compared to other models running similar specs.
  • Unlike Nokia phones, the covers were not replaceable and not easily available.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

This phone was carried by a number of networks and it was also inexpensive of a SIM-free basis. Thus we may see a lot of them for sale even today. The vast number of competitors it has means that there probably will be no premium pricing for some time.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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LG KG130 Disassembly Instructions

If you are interested in taking apart the LG K130 for repair purposes, here is a useful link.

LG KG130 Video Review

Here is a video review of the LG KG130, covering most of its features.

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