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Summary of Panelbase Review
Panelbase are one of the few providers which offers users the chance to earn across various different types of research. Their surveys tend to be more in-depth and higher paying, but the bar for qualification for them is also higher and results in more screen-outs.

Here is how Panelbase compares to other survey providers:

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What is Panelbase?

Panelbase is a fast-growing market research platform. It is the user-facing arm of a much larger market research business. It offers users something a little different. Where many sites specialise in a different type of research (for instance focus groups, surveys, mystery shopping), Panelbase offer all types of research on their platform.

Panelbase are also one of the few platforms which at least try to compensate users for their time in regard to failed qualification for surveys. Should this happen to a user, they receive a ‘credit’ which goes into a prize draw each money for some consolation funds. With almost 400 prizes each month there is a fair chance of winning something.

Is Panelbase profitable?

Panelbase is a trading name of Dipsticks Research Limited. This company have been trading since 1999. Their accounts don’t show much detail apart from to show that they were profitable at a statutory level. The company is of decent size though, having had 72 employees in the past year.

Panelbase Sign Up Offer?

On sign-up, Panelbase will credit your account with £3.00.

Panelbase Operating Model

Panelbase operates in a similar way to many survey sites. The sign-up process is slightly longer, as the number of profiling questions is very large and covers a wide range of topics. There is no requirement to complete this straightaway but it may make you more likely to be offered new projects.

Once research opportunities become available they will appear on the main section of the site. You will also get an email alerting you to the fact. Perhaps due to being multi-channel, the flow of opportunities is good. Admittedly, the vast majority of what you will receive will be for the standard survey type of research.

Panelbase surveys tend to be more in-depth and longer than the shorter method favoured by OnePoll/Qmee. These are also paid as such. As a result, they are much more picky in who they want to answer the questions. Many surveys begin with a raft of qualification questions, and if you do not match what they are looking for, you are screened out.

Being screened out pays nothing, but you do get a credit to enter a draw each month which awards cash prizes.

The cashout level is £10, which is fairly achievable. There is no Paypal option to checkout, but you can have bank transfer or shop vouchers. Alternatively, you can donate your earnings to charity.

Panelbase Review Pros:

  • Decent sign-up bonus: £3 gets you well on the way to a first cashout.
  • The site offers multiple ways of earning. The non-survey projects such as focus groups or interviews pay more money.
  • Surveys tend to be longer, but also better earning.
  • There seems to be a steady flow of opportunities, often multiple per day.

Panelbase Review Cons:

  • Surveys are harder to qualify for. If you are unlucky you may find very few earning opportunities due to similar respondents getting there first.
  • Some surveys have many qualification questions, which you do not get compensated for if you fail.
  • Relatively few focus groups or other types of research, it is mainly surveys.
  • The site is open to UK residents only.

Panelbase Typical Earnings

This may be tricky to say and depends how fortunate you are in qualifying for surveys. If you also qualify for focus group work, it could be a good earner and much more worth the time than completing lots of small surveys.

Panelbase Review Conculsion

Panelbase offers a variety of different methods for you to earn extra money. If you can qualify for their range of surveys and focus groups, this can be a great platform to join.

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