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Summary of PopulusLive Review
PopulusLive is a well-established site which has been around for several years. It offers longer surveys than other sites, but also at a higher pay rate. Although the cash-out limit is set quite high and earning opportunities can be irregular, it is still well worth joining.

Here is how PopulusLive compares to other sites:

PlatformLinkEase of UsePotential EarningsValueTotalStatus

What is PopulusLive?

PopulusLive is an old-school market research company. Their ‘panel’ which seeks to gain insights in the market dates back to 2003, making it one of the more long-standing companies out there. They specialise in collecting data via the use of surveys – something which has not changed over the years. What has changed is the size of the company, which now covers many countries over the world.

Whilst this is perhaps of no concern to the average user, this has translated into better opportunities. Surveys here tend to be on the larger side and more irregular – unlike the very small, lowing paying surveys as seen by the likes of OnePoll and Qmee. Their surveys are also well designed, often offering the chance for users to answer open-ended questions as opposed to simply multiple choice.

This is also reflected in the pay rates. Populous states that they aim to give their members the opportunity to earn £1 per 5 minutes. This amount is far in excess of many other survey sites.

Is PopulusLive profitable?

You would think that with such a long track record there is a good chance of profitability. Populus have recently merged into a new group of companies called Yonder. Like many other companies in the sector they offer an integrated product. Other divisions of the company process the data collected by Populus, turning it into insights and consultancy.

The last accounts show that Populus is a mid-range company, turning over £13.42m and making a profit of £786k. Prior to the merger, the balance sheets could be said to be in a good state.

PopulusLive Sign Up Offer

Currently, there are no special offers for signing up to PopulusLive.

PopulusLive Operating Model

This is rather straightforward and in-line with many other survey sites. In fact, we could say it is much easier. It is clear that Populus have not invested much in terms of their website, and it could be the same one as it was 10 years ago!

Registration is easy and involves giving a few details about yourself and also payment details. There is relatively little in the way of profiling information questions – many of these will be asked once you receive a survey.

After you register, interaction with the website is minimal. There are very few features on the website which require you to return unless you want to update your details. Once an eligible survey is received, you will receive an email detailing the time taken and pay rate. These tend to be first come, first served, so you will have to be quick.

Clicking the link takes you into the survey, where you’ll have to qualify via the screening questions. If you do qualify, you’ll find that the surveys after often longer ones – between 10-15 minutes duration on average. PopulusLive tend to be pretty accurate when estimating times.

On completion of a survey you will receive a credit of points to your account. This can be instant or take a while depending on the provider. 1 point is currently equal to £1 which makes for simple calculations. The cash-out barrier is relatively high – 50 points, or £50. In a hark back to a different era one of the payment methods is cheque, although it would be surprising if anyone chose this. The only other payment method is BACS transfer.

PopulusLive Review Pros:

  • This is a well-established platform which has been in operation for many years. Although the cash-out rate is high, it has many favourable reviews and looks a stable company.
  • Surveys are remunerated very well, and certainly more than other sites offering similar options.
  • Survey content tends to be good and interesting, and the time taken estimates are accurate.
  • The sign-up process is very light. There are not many profile questions that need to be answered before you become eligible for surveys.

PopulusLive Review Cons:

  • The cash-out barrier is 50 points or £50 which is a high amount and may take many months to reach.
  • Surveys are not that frequent, and even then you will still have to qualify for them.
  • The website is quite basic and offers no other types of earning opportunity.
  • Payment is by BACS or cheque, ruling out those without a UK bank account number.

PopulusLive Potential Earnings?

The amount of surveys is not large – some weeks may go by without being offered anything at all. However, I get the impression that many of the surveys are quite broad in scope and you will have a good chance of being accepted. The pay rate of the surveys means that filling out a few surveys here is much more time efficient than at lower paying sites.

PopulusLive Review Conclusion

Populus is a well-established site, and the surveys they offer are a little more enjoyable than other sites. Opportunities are rarer and you will be screened out more often. The opportunities you do qualify for are well worth your time.

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