Samsung B3410 Review – All Input Bases Covered

Samsung B3410 Review: Released in 2009, the Samsung B3410 was the start of an interesting trend. Phones were beginning to be separated into their respective input methods. Touchscreen phones, or QWERTY phones like the Blackberry dominated at this time. Each of these had its own set of benefits and its own respective market. But prices were dropping, and as such these were both becoming quite accessible to the leisure markets.

With a significant improvement in the thinness of phones, many manufacturers could blend together both a QWERTY handset and a touchscreen. We may think that each input made the other redundant. But in many cases the quality of each was not best in class, so thus in a strange way they complimented each other.

The B3410 was one of Samsung’s first of this type at the leisure market. Previous models such as the Omnia series had tried this at the high-end market with some success. The phone resembled a Corby S3650, and the spec here was pretty modest. Roughly equivalent to the Blackberry 8520, the Samsung B3410 also had sufficient features to be used as a decent media phone.

Full specifications here.

With touchscreens yet to improve to today’s standard there were plenty more of these phones from Samsung which combined both a keyboard and touchscreen. A later version of this handset was released the next year – the B3410W Chat. This kept the same look and much of the same spec, but the new TouchWiz software was loaded on this phone and crucially it also came with Wi-Fi.

Samsung B3410 Review Pros:

  • This was a good design. Whilst QWERTY keyboards were nothing new, the slide mechanism produced a keyboard with much larger keys. This made it easier to type and ergonomically this was easier to hold.
  • The touchscreen was the modern multi-touch type, and not the older resistive. These were easier to use and did not require a stylus.
  • Media is OK on the phone – it features a microSD card and 3.5mm headphone port.
  • The price was pretty low for this handset and certainly offered a lot of value for money.

Samsung B3410 Review Cons:

  • The phone was probably too small to be used as just a touchscreen. The screen was 2.6 inches, so extended typing was much easier on the keypad.
  • Imaging was not a strong point, as there was just a 2MP camera with no flash.
  • There was no front facing camera for selfies.
  • Connectivity was poor, 3G was not included on the phone making browsing slow. Wi-Fi was also not included meaning that the phone was most suitable for simple text chats.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

These phones are quite unusual and impressive looking, if not totally useable nowadays. In good condition, they could still be expected to fetch a reasonable but not overly high price.#

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Samsung B3410 Disassembly Guide

If you are interested in taking apart the Samsung B3410 for repair purposes, here is a useful link.

Samsung B3410 Video Review

Here is a video review showing the main features of this phone:

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