Sony Ericsson K750i Review – Much Improved Cameraphone

Sony Ericsson K750i Review: Released at the start of 2005, the Sony Ericsson K750i was a substantial update to the Sony Ericsson K700 mobile phone. This really combined many of the trends that were developing in the mobile phone world. Improving cameras and the demand to use the phone for other things such as web browsing or music really came to the fore.

It could be around this period that mobile phone standards took a substantial jump. 2004 could be argued to be the year of the Nokia 6230 – this very popular Nokia phone had a mass market appeal. But just 1 year later, the Sony Ericsson K750i would blow this out of the park. The 2-megapixel camera was the star player here, featuring a recessed lens cover and also a flash. This meant that it could take substantially better pictures than previous phones.

The phone also featured Sony’s proprietary memory stick which allowed up to 2GB of storage. This was compatible across other Sony devices and really made it possible to use the phone as a true portable device. This phone was pitched at the leisure segment with many great features on the imaging and audio side but less so on the business side. We actually have two variants of this: the Sony Ericsson W800i was a quite similar phone in terms of specification but featured the Walkman branding.

Full specifications here.

This phone was very successful and one of the best-selling phones of the year. The split between the K-series and W-series phones became more apparent after that. The Walkman series gained the Sony Ericsson W810, but the K750 successor was the Sony Ericsson K800. This was a remarkable phone for the time and concentrated on the imaging side, upping the camera resolution to 3MP and adding a xenon flash.

Sony Ericsson K750 Review Pros:

  • The camera was the main selling point of the phone. It took high quality, 2MP shots and the rear of the phone looked impressive. The lens cover was a spring loaded type and there was a physical camera button. Unlike many other phones of the time the phone also came with autofocus and flash, allowing for an increased quality of pictures.
  • The phone added a memory card slot allowing up to 2GB of data. With onboard video and audio player, this could store a lot of items.
  • Keypad design was well laid out – plenty of function buttons and also a central navigation joystick reminiscent of the T610.
  • An increased 900mAH battery gave improved talktime and standby times over the old K700.

Sony Ericsson K750 Review Cons:

  • Screen resolution did not improve over the older K700, and the screen size only increased very marginally. The excellent photo quality would be hard to appreciate on this screen.
  • Customisation of the phone was difficult. Unlike Nokia phones, changing covers required the use of screwdrivers to take apart the handset.
  • Outside of music and camera, the feature set for business users was particularly weak.
  • Headphones were only connectable via the phones proprietary port although an adapter was available.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Some of these criticisms are a bit picky, as the phone had little wrong with it at the time. It was a very popular phone and working models in good condition should see some pretty strong demand in the future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Sony Ericsson K750i Disassembly Instructions

If you are interested in taking apart the Sony Ericsson K750i for repair purposes, here is a useful link.

Sony Ericsson K750i Video Review

Here is a video review of the Sony Ericsson K750i which covers most of its functions:

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