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TestingTime Review Summary
TestingTime are a legitimate company which offers some different opportunities to make money. These tend to be higher paid, although qualifying for them may be quite difficult. Nevertheless, it is still worth joining up as things may start to get a lot busier in the next few years.

Here is how is how TestingTime compares to others:

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What is Testing Time?

Conceived in Switzerland in 2015, TestingTime recruits test users for companies in order to give their opinions on products. This provides both user and company with benefits. The user gets paid, and the company ends up with some useful insights into their product or website. Paying for opinions has been established for some time, as it would be difficult to get users to commit their time without an incentive.

TestingTime differs from a few companies as they offer a wide range of possible earning solutions. Unlike other companies which specialise in just one method, they offer such items as focus groups, diary studies, workshops or even interviews.

Typically compensation for these events is much higher than simply filling out a survey. TestingTime sees rates of up to £60 an hour, whilst many survey sites such as OnePoll offer much lower equivalent rates. Then again, this requires much more commitment. It used to be commonplace that you would visit a specific premises in order to carry out the test. But with the rise of working from home, there are far more opportunities to work remotely. All that would be required in this case is an internet connection and a computer which has a webcam.

Is Testing Time profitable?

TestingTime runs in several different countries across Europe. The UK activities are provided by TestingTime International Ltd. The last accounts were filed and cover the period up to 31 December 2019. This shows a rather modest turnover of c.£125,000 and a small operating profit of £4,000. However, it is anticipated that TestingTime are growing rapidly and the next set of accounts should show much greater figures.

TestingTime Sign Up Offer

There is no TestingTime sign up offer at present.

TestingTime Operating Model

Signing up to the site is fairly lightweight. All you need to apply is to give some personal details and verify your telephone number via SMS. After that, you are added to the list of potential applicants for work.

TestingTime works in a slightly different way to other sites as there is no user portal to log in to. Neither is there a place to give further details about yourself. Instead, opportunities are sent to you by email. These emails will comprise of the type of job that is being offered as well as the pay rate and a link to apply. Note that an email is not an offer of work, and in most cases you will have to fill out more screening questions. Only if you can match what the companies are looking for will you be accepted.

As mentioned above, there is a quite a wide variety of work, from focus groups to surveys, to user testing. In general, this type of work is more involved than simply filling out surveys. At the same time, it should not be classed as ‘difficult’ – during testing there are rarely incorrect answers to give. However, it does require some concentration and attention to detail to ensure that you deliver what they are looking for.

Location tends now to be more flexible due to restrictions on travel. It used to be the case that many focus groups were heavily London-centric, but with the development of platforms such as Zoom, it doesn’t really matter where you are as long as you are reliable and can attend if you are booked to. Being a no-show most likely will disqualify you from more work.

Work is done for the companies themselves, with TestingTime being only being the middleman. Thus jobs will not bear much resemblance to each other and you will be dealing with different people every time.

Time required tends to be high – between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours is normal, and pay rates also average around £60 per hour. Whilst this may sound great in reality the number of opportunities is limited, and gets worse with the more you participate. There is no portal for you to build up a balance, and your payments are simply made via Paypal after every event.

TestingTime Review Pros:

  • TestingTime compensates well for the time involved. £30 for half an hour for example is much more than other types of home work.
  • Participation of events is often targeted quite narrowly. You will quite often find yourself giving opinions on products or services that you are quite interested in.
  • The site offers a wide variety of types of work, and not just focus groups.
  • The recent pandemic has also opened opportunities for many people as you do not have to get to a specific location.

TestingTime Review Cons:

  • Opportunities do not appear often, and are only emailed out. Many are first-come, first-serve and will close when the amount of qualified applicants is reached.
  • You will need to pre-qualify to ensure you are a good fit. This may mean filling out a lot of questions, only to be screened out.
  • Most of the opportunities require you to speak clearly in a face-to-face setting and be good at explaining your thought patterns. You will also need a webcam for the remote work.
  • Participating in more groups decreases your chances of being selected, as ‘fresh’ applicants may be preferred.

TestingTime Potential Earnings?

From what I can see so far, TestingTime do not have as many jobs going as other focus group companies. For the moment, it may be quite optimistic to get more than one paid gig a month, although this would be a nice bonus if it lands.

TestingTime Review Conclusion 

Joining TestingTime may not give you immediate opportunities to start with. And it is probably the case that users that can respond to their emails faster have a better chance of being selected. That being said it is still worth diversifying your time into different earning types, as the compensation rates tend to be much higher.

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