Sony Ericsson Cedar Review – New Decade, New Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson Cedar Review: Released in 2010, the Cedar had the distinction of being one of the last candybar style phones released by the Sony-Ericsson alliance. Of course by now touchscreen phones had already gone well into the ascendancy as the phone of choice. The standard handset remained as a solid choice for those who did not need the extra features that touch allowed.

By now the naming convention of the Sony mobiles had now switched to actual names as opposed to product codes. Roughly speaking, these type of phones had history in the K-series which then changed to the Cybershot C-series. The Sony Ericsson Elm was released in 2009, and the Cedar comes a year after. Old habits die hard though, and in some parts of the world this phone was known by its product code: the Sony Ericsson J108i. Notably, while the Elm was a strong feature phone, the Cedar was a more of a budget version with trimmed down features.

Full specifications here.

As mentioned this phone came towards t he end of Sony and Ericsson’s partnership. By this time, more efforts were being deployed on developing the new Xperia line – something that still continues to this day. Notably all Sony’s releases from there on were touchscreen. Thus the Cedar was the end of the line, although an extremely successful one at that.

Sony Ericsson Cedar Review Pros:

  • The phone probably sat at the pinnacle of size; it was small without becoming unusably small. At 84g this was a few grams lighter than the Elm.
  • The screen on the phone also matched that of the higher-priced Elm – a 2.2 inch screen was small, but the 240 x 320 resolution also ensured a reasonably sharp display for photos.
  • There is ample storage on this phone. 280MB of on-board space is impressive enough, but the phone now supports the standard microSD format at up to 16GB. Combined with the 3.5mm jack, this was a great phone for music.
  • The operating system was updated and now features widgets for social media.

Sony Ericsson Cedar Review Cons:

  • The camera on the phone was stripped back to a 2MP version and no flash – this seems a little tight and not necessary.
  • There was no front-facing camera on the phone, making selfies or video calls not possible.
  • No Wi-Fi was included, which limited the amount of browsing or streaming.
  • The screen and keypad were too small to really make the most of many of the new apps which involved browsing websites.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

These phones are definitely pleasing on the eye and they may have some relevance as the last of their type. Due to the specification discrepancy I would think the Elm would be much more sought after than the Cedar.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Sony Ericsson Cedar Disassembly Guide:

If you are interested in taking apart the Cedar for repair purposes, here is a useful link.

Sony Ericsson Cedar Video Review

Here is an interesting review showing the main features of the phone:

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