Sony Ericsson K310 Review – Budget Phone With Added Camera

Sony Ericsson K310 Review: Released in 2006, the Sony Ericsson K310 was a rehash of the older Sony Ericsson K300. At this time the K-series of mobile phones had a variety of different types, aiming at different segments of the market. Models such as the Sony Ericsson K750 were some of the leading models of the time, and featured a then-impressive 2-megapixel camera and compatibility with Sony’s memory cards.

By contrast, the Sony Ericsson K300 was the lowest model available in this mini-series. Although that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sony Ericsson were late-comers to the mobile phone game, having each existed as separate companies. Most of their models pitched straight into the mid-range and upper ranges. They had no real representation at the lower end of the market, which was still dominated by the monochrome Nokia 1-series at this time.

There was a gap of over a year between K300 and K310, and little had changed. The main thing was the look of the phone, which was now slimmer and much closer in look to the premium models. The screen gained a small upgrade and was now larger in size. Style-wise this moved with the times and was one of the few Sony Ericsson candybars that had changeable covers. Price-wise the phone was less than the K300 and was cheap for a mid-range phone.

Full specifications here.

It was not long before this phone gained an upgrade and later in the year the Sony Ericsson K320 came to market. This was more or less the same spec, but added a Bluetooth connection and also was even cheaper in price.

Sony Ericsson K310 Review Pros:

  • The phone was slightly lighter than the K300 and also much slimmer. The overall look of the handset was much more like the Sony Ericsson K500, which was the next phone up in the series.
  • The screen gained a small upgrade and was larger in size and slightly sharper in resolution. Sony also brought the short-lived Ultra Bright Colour display to this phone which offered much better colour contrast.
  • The phones memory also gained a small upgrade, and at 15MB there was plenty of space for photos.
  • Personalisation of the phone was possible with exchangeable covers, which meant no disassembly necessary.

Sony Ericsson K310 Review Cons:

  • The camera on the phone did not get an upgrade and was still a low-resolution VGA type. This also lacked a flash, although it could record video at low resolution.
  • The resolution of the phone screen was also rather low at 128 x 160 pixels, making photo viewing pretty poor.
  • The phone lacked a Bluetooth connection which would have helped with sending photos.
  • Dimensions of the phone were identical to the K510i, but the differential in price meant it was worth a little bit more to upgrade.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

This was a popular phone due to price and usability. Some of the Sony Ericsson candybar phones are well sought-after. Arguably this model is not one of them, although it will not be without its takers. Accessories for this phone probably will trade at a higher price.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Sony Ericsson K310 Disassembly

If you are interested in taking apart the Sony Ericsson K310 for repair purposes, here is a useful link.

Sony Ericsson K310 Video Review

Here is a video review of the Sony Ericsson K310, covering the main features of this handset:

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