Sony Ericsson Z525 Review – Flip Mobile Phone in Minature

Sony Ericsson Z525 Review: Released in 2006, this new Sony Ericsson flip phone was a new addition to their flip range. The Sony Ericsson Z-range was arguably the weakest segment of their line-up, compared to other types of phones. Few models were released and many of them were mid-range models. Some models which did feature stronger specs for the time such as the Sony Ericsson Z800 became rare and sought-after.

The Z525 was part of a trio of phones which emerged at the same time – the Z520, Z530 and Z525. Each of these are roughly identical in specification and targeted at different markets around the world. As the numbers may suggest, the Z530 was the strongest contender which featured greater storage space, a bright screen and Sony memory card support.

These phones were loosely based on the Sony Ericsson Z600. This was a successful flip phone for Sony Ericsson and was noticeably different to the Samsung or Motorola flips at the time by featuring very large removable customisable housings. The gap of over 2 years between these models has allowed a much better and bigger external screen to be fitted.

Full specifications here.

The Z-Series continued to have sporadic releases in the flip style. Perhaps the successor to these phones was the Sony Ericsson Z555, although by this time it had done away with the changeable covers.

Sony Ericsson Z525 Review Pros:

  • The phone was attractively designed. It saved quite a lot of space compared to older models and at just 94g this was much lighter than the older Z600.
  • There was also the capability to change covers on the mobile. This covered a large part of the phone, so the effects could be quite dramatic.
  • The most notable upgrade was the second external screen. At a 101 x 80 resolution this was good enough to display images, albeit in grainy style.
  • More features were added to the operating system, allowing for photo editing and music playing.

Sony Ericsson Z525 Review Cons:

  • Imaging on the phone was weak. The camera was a VGA style without flash. This was much inferior to many other models, specifically the Sony Ericsson ones which featured the Cybershot branding.
  • Storage was relatively small at 12MB and while many other phones including the Z530 had memory card support, this phone did not.
  • The model was quite niche, and getting accessories, specifically the style-up covers was quite difficult.
  • Battery life and standby times had dropped, much below previous phones and the competition.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Although this was a mid-range model, it compared poorly to other flips on the market and as such was not a large seller. That said many of the Sony Ericsson flips are quite rare nowadays and may fetch a premium due to this.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Sony Ericsson Z525 Disassembly Instructions

If you are interested in taking apart the Sony Ericsson Z525 for repair purposes, please see this link.

Sony Ericsson Z525 Video Review:

Here is a video review on this model, covering the main features:

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