Nokia Lumia 800 Review – First High-End Nokia Touchscreen

Nokia Lumia 800 Review: Released in 2011, the Nokia Lumia 800 was notable for being the first Nokia phone running on the Windows operating system. It marked a new era of phones for the company, with the partnership with Microsoft seeking to offer something different to what was already out there.

As an example of how far Nokia had fallen behind in this segment, the Apple iPhone was already on its 4th iteration by the time of its release. Nokia had released touchscreen phones on their own software, but many of the earlier versions featured the resistive touchscreen for an inferior experience. Some of the later versions such as the Nokia N9 were high powered and technically better than their Apple counterparts, but the operating system and in particular lack of apps went against this.

By pairing with Microsoft, Nokia narrowed the gap between them, Apple and Android and offered an ecosystem which was expandable with applications. It also went against the grain of Apple and Samsung by releasing this phone in a number of bright colours.

Full specifications here.

With Nokia committed to Lumia, this was to be the way forward for the next few years. The next flagship model was released only a few months after. The Nokia Lumia 920 featured a much bigger 4.3 inch screen and a front-facing camera.

Nokia Lumia 800 Review Pros:

  • The phone featured the Windows ecosystem which made it much more expandable than the previous Nokia Symbian ones. At last a vast array of applications was available to the user as well as a common set of applications across all Windows phones.
  • The phone featured a high-end screen with a high 480×800 resolution, protected by Gorilla Glass.
  • The camera was superior to that on the iPhone, featuring a 8MP lens with autofocus and dual LED flash.
  • 16GB of storage came as standard on the phone, allowing ample space for media.

Nokia Lumia 800 Review Cons: 

  • The screen was slightly undersized compared to other flagships, although a tad bigger than the Apple’s. This would be quickly remedied in subsequent released.
  • The all-in-one design led to a solid and weighty finish but meant that rear housings and batteries could not be changed easily, unlike in the lower-end Lumia versions.
  • Inexplicably there was no front-facing camera – a glaring omission for a flagship.
  • There was also no microSD card slot, something that virtually all top-end phones bar Apple featured at this point.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

The Windows operating system is long obsolete and no longer supported. However, these phones still have some good novelty value and their quality still allows them to be used today as media players or web browsers. They can be picked up pretty cheaply and offer quite a good bang for the buck.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Nokia Lumia 800 Disassembly Instructions

Taking apart this phone can be quite difficult, but here is a useful link to help.

Nokia Lumia 800 Video Review

Here is a review of the Nokia Lumia 800 covering most of its main features:

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