Samsung E2550 Review – Low Budget Slider Mobile Phone

Samsung E2550 Review: Released in 2010, the Samsung E2550 was a low-budget phone designed as an alternative to the standard candybar phones which lined the low and mid-range markets. Why this came out is perhaps no surprise. Samsung have had some incredible success in the slider market, with models such as the Samsung D600 being top of their class on release. However, the advent of touchscreen phones meant that many of the advantages of this form were quickly lost as the keypad part was not required.

The peak of slide mobile phones had passed some years ago, but Samsung still churned them out. Their specifications actually went down slightly in the next years as they became handsets for the basic markets. This E2550 was part of release of a new family called ‘Monte’. Together with this we saw the S5620 – a touchscreen handset, and C3200 – a candybar. Whilst all these phones were not ultra-budget, they were still at entry level.

And thus, there is nothing remarkable about the Samsung E2550. Indeed, it would be inferior in many ways to the flagship Samsung D600 which was released five years prior. However, this must be taken in context with the price. The operating system was also more efficient, as would be expected after these years.

Full specifications here.

Considering that 2010 was the year of the first Samsung Galaxy, much attention was paid to touchscreen phones as they began to dominate the release schedules. Slider phones began to take a back seat as the flip format was preferred.

Samsung E2550 Review Pros:

  • The phone had an appealing design. It was compact, but offered an identical size screen as the older models with a significant weight saving owing to the plastic construction.
  • Power requirements were undemanding on this model and there was extremely long standby and talktimes despite a smaller 800mAH battery.
  • Sensibly, the phone includes microSD card support, which combined with the MP3 players allows phone to be used as a music player.
  • There are a small range of additional apps such as organiser and FM Radio.

Samsung E2550 Review Cons:

  • The screen resolution was a poor 128 x 160, which matched some of the very first colour screen phones. This made viewing images quite poor.
  • The camera was underpowered at just 1.3MP and did not feature a flash or autofocus.
  • A paltry 12MB of on-board memory was given which made it difficult to work with unless you had a memory card.
  • The price point was budget, but superior older models could be picked up for more or less the same cost.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

Samsung slider models are generally well regarded and the price of the Monte is surprisingly resilient despite the budget nature of the phone. Perhaps this may be something to do with the rarity of this model as it never really sold in large numbers.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Samsung E2550 Disassembly Guide

If you are interested in taking apart the phone for repair purposes, please see this link.

Samsung E2550 Video Review

Here is a video review of the Samsung E2550 which covers most of its main features.

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