Samsung Galaxy Mini Review – Smart Small Mobile Phone

Samsung Galaxy Mini Review: Released in 2011 under the code S5570, the Samsung Galaxy Mini was an extension of the original Samsung Galaxy S. This addressed two main concerns that people were having with phones. Were they getting too big, and were they getting too expensive? The Mini sought to allay fears by offering a slightly toned-down specification from the main flagship phone, at a reduced price.

However, this model of phone was still powerful and featured many of the things that made the original Galaxy popular. The Android operating system was still here with the Touchwiz skin; and there was also a high quality touchscreen. Complete with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi this was an excellent device to stream videos or listen to music and certainly a step above many other mid-range handsets of this time.

One of the main aspects was the screen size. At 3.15 inches this allowed the phone to be more pocket friendly and probably just about allowed enough size for a good experience. Its lower size also contributed to a lighter phone, which was substantially lighter than the metallic iPhones and larger Galaxy handsets.

Full specifications here.

There were many different variants to the Galaxy series catering for all aspects of the market, so it is easy to lose track of these phones. The Galaxy Mini did get a sequel – the Galaxy Mini 2 S6500. This was released at the start of 2012. It was still a mid-level phone, and the screen size had crept up just a tad to 3.27 inches.

Samsung Galaxy Mini Review Pros:

  • The handset comes in a compact size like the name suggests. The 3 inch screen is easy to fit in the pocket and weighs just 100g thanks to a largely plastic construction.
  • The phone also comes with a multi-touch screen which was easy to use – no need for a stylus.
  • Connectivity of the phone was great – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, A-GPS made this pretty much similar to the top-end Galaxy phones.
  • The lower size of phone combined with 1200mAH battery led to great standby and talktime capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Mini Review Cons:

  • The touchscreen resolution was disappointingly low at 240 x 320. This really restricted the type of applications and the quality of usability on the phone.
  • Imaging was also much worse than other handsets. The 3MP camera did not feature a flash, and neither was there a front-facing video camera.
  • Just 160MB was given over to internal storage, meaning that using a microSD for mounting apps was a must.
  • The phone compared slightly unfavourably to similar models in the series, most notably the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

There are many Galaxy variants, and the Mini is probably more recognisable than most. This being said, with other phones of similar size being much higher in quality, this is reflected in the price and this phone should be pretty cheap.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Samsung Galaxy Mini Disassembly

If you are interested in how to open the Samsung Galaxy Mini for repair purposes, here is a useful link.

Samsung Galaxy Mini Video Review

Here is a video covering the Samsung Galaxy Mini and shows most of its features:

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