Siemens C35 Review – Low Cost, Mid Range Mobile Phone

Siemens C35 Review: Released in 2000, the Siemens C35 was a combination of the C-series of Siemens mobile phones, most notably the Siemens C25 of the year before. In real terms, Nokia had stolen a large march on Siemens with its 5110 series of phones, which appealed to a younger target audience. It was inevitable that the other manufacturers would try to catch up based on what was popular.

And this is what we saw with the Siemens C35. The phone came in a variety of bright colours. Whilst the housings were not straightforward to change on their own, they could be done with the correct tools. As such the phone could feature in many different colours. Additionally the phone came with a larger display over the older models. It now had 5 lines on the display and like the Nokia phones, this extra room allowed some simple games on the handset.

The C35 was available in a C35i variant as well. There was no difference in the look of these handsets and the main difference was an increased memory size and WAP browser in the i version.

Full specifications here.

The Siemens C-series was a successful enough family, and the next year saw the successor to these phones – the Siemens C45. This phone featured a WAP browser for internet browsing and the covers could now be customised without the need for tools.

Siemens C35 Review Pros:

  • This phone came in a rather tidy package. It was compact and weighed 110g – this was much less than the dominant Nokia phones at the time.
  • The phone display now featured a 5-line, 101 x 54 pixel display. This allowed a much greater range of information to be displayed.
  • An improved amount of features was now present in the phone . 4 games were included, which made the overall package more attractive to younger users.
  • The phone was available in seven different colours – a rarity for a handset at the time.

Siemens C35 Review Cons:

  • The phone featured an external antenna. Whilst small, this was still perhaps not necessary at a time where many other phones could integrate them into the phone.
  • A smaller amount of features found its way onto the operating system, which lacked the familiarity of Nokia’s.
  • A smaller 500mAH battery was used which featured shorter battery life and talk times.
  • Housings were much more difficult to change than Nokia models.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

These handsets were still pretty much well dominated by Nokia in the markets and formed a minority of phones available. They are quite rare nowadays and any models in good condition should attract a premium.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Siemens C35 Disassembly

If you are interested in taking apart the Siemens C35 for repair purposes, here is a link.

Siemens C35 Video Review

Here is a video review of the Siemens C35, covering most of its main features:

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