Sony Ericsson T230 Review – Budget Colour Screen Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson T230 Review: Released in 2003, the T-series was the main game in town for Sony Ericsson phones at this time. There were still being mono phones released even at this date – models such as the Sony Ericsson T100 probably represented the peak of this technology. But the force of colour screens were coming into play and Sony Ericsson were slowly shifting to this. Models like the Sony Ericsson T68 and Sony Ericsson T610 were premium at the time, so now it was time to pay attention to the lower end.

There were colour budget phones before this. The Sony Ericsson T300 and successor T310 were basic colour screen models, but with only 256 colours to choose from were pretty primitive. However, given that the phone world at this time did not feature cameras or photos, such things could be sufficient.

The T230 was a significant improvement on these models. Coming in a redesigned packaged, the phone featured superior colour definition and also support for a digital camera by way of attachment. This was a compelling competitor for the likes of the Nokia 3510i.

Full specifications here.

These phones were successful and Sony Ericsson began to spin off into many different families. By and large the T-series ended up disappearing although this phone got a successor. The Sony Ericsson T290 was released in 2004 although was more or less an identical handset with better battery life.

Sony Ericsson T230 Review Pros:

  • The design of the phone was excellent. It provided a consistent colour scheme to the previous T68, and at just 80g was much lighter than the previous phones in the series. The keypad is nicely set out.
  • The phones colour display now goes up to 4096: this allows much greater definition for images. This is much more apparent with the new games installed.
  • Operating system is easy to use and unchanged from previous phones. This makes upgrading quite easy.
  • The phone is also able to capture images with the digital camera attachment.

Sony Ericsson T230 Review Cons:

  • The phone screen is unsuited for images, despite the colours. Picture resolution is quite poor relative to other models.
  • The memory on the phone is low at just under 0.5MB. This does not allow many pictures to be stored.
  • Functionality of the operating system is slightly inferior to other models and lacks features such as loudspeaker.
  • Although a budget model it still came at price premium to competing models in this segment.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

These phones were among the first that Sony Ericsson made, so there is some natural interest. Ironically though it is the monochrome models of phones which are rarer and achieve higher prices. That said the prospects for working models in good condition seem favourable.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Sony Ericsson T230 Disassembly Guide

If you are interested in taking apart the Sony Ericsson T230 for repair purposes, here is an interesting link.

Sony Ericsson T230 Video Review

Here is a video review of the Sony Ericsson T230, covering most of its main features:

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