Sony Ericsson T630 Review – Upgraded Flagship Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson T630 Review: Released at the end of 2003, the T630 had some tough shoes to fill. The previous Sony Ericsson T610 was one of the years best selling phones. It was not difficult t0 see why. For those users unwilling to use the flip phones, the model was squarely in competition with Nokia models. With a brushed metallic finish and a 1.8 inch screen – large for the time – this was a compelling purchase to make, particularly for the upper end of the market.

The T630 was perhaps anomalous for coming out so soon after the T610. Barely six months had passed since that release. But this was not really a ‘proper’ upgrade; and the fast-moving nature of the market meant that new features could be incorporated.

In the case of the T630, such features were thin on the ground. Given the success of the T610, not much needed to be changed. We have a slight upgrade in software and some improvements to the camera. This is not a phone that T610 owners needed to upgrade to.

Full specifications here.

Notably this was the last phone in the T-series to attract top-market billing. Other families of Sony Ericsson phones emerged: the K-series (focusing on imaging) and the later W-series (focusing on music). There were some later releases some years later, but all were low-to-mid market phones.

Sony Ericsson T630 Review Pros:

  • Broadly the same design was kept. This meant a similar size of phone which seemed appropriate at the time: not too big, not too small. The keypad went to a solid block rather than individual keys, perhaps suiting those with larger fingers.
  • The screen type got an upgrade to Sony’s need TFD format. Whilst there was no resolution increase there was better colour definition and viewing angles.
  • The camera gained a slight upgrade and was now capable of VGA pictures, an approximate doubling in resolution.
  • The operating system was upgraded and now came with additional features such as Chat app.

Sony Ericsson T630 Review Cons:

  • Arguably the finish was slightly less premium than the T610; the phone also only came in two standard colours: silver and black.
  • The phone screen resolution stayed the same and was the same size.
  • The camera resolution increase was digital and not by a genuine improvement in the lens.
  • Despite improved pictures on-board memory stayed the same at 2MB which limited the amount of storage.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

This phone was not as ‘classic’ as the Sony Ericsson T610, but still sold in large numbers. Thus there are large amounts available on the second hand markets but additionally should be of interest to collectors.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Sony Ericsson T630 Disassembly Instructions

If you are interested in taking apart the T630 for repair purposes, here is a useful link.

Sony Ericsson T630 Video Review

Here is a video review of the Sony Ericsson T630, covering most of tis main features:

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