Ericsson T20s Review – Updated Flip Mobile Phone

Ericsson T20s Review: The Ericsson T20s was released in 2000 as an update to the previous years Ericsson T18s. This was perhaps not the update many were looking for, as 1999 also saw the release of the Ericsson T28s. This latter model was one of the first phones to really break the mould and become one of the few handsets that was both small and also stylish.

However, that came at a cost, and along with phones such as the Nokia 8850 these commanded hefty premium prices, often multiple the cost of a standard handset. So for the average person, the T20s was a more accurate depiction on the rate of progress in mobile phones.

Here were can see how things were changing. Unlike the previous Ericsson phones which were only available in 1 standard colour, the T20s was available in some quite eye-catching ones – blue and green among them. It also provided the ‘active’ flip part of the phone which meant that like the T28s the phone could answer and drop calls with the flip.

Full specifications here.

This was a stylish model which was popular. An upgrade called the Ericsson T20e was released a year later. This was almost the same although featured some different software to make sending messages easier. After this Ericsson merged with Sony and flip phones like these ended up dying out.

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Ericsson T20s Review Pros:

  • The phone featured the active flip that was so successful in the T28s. The flip acted as another button which could answer and terminate calls, as well as looking cool.
  • The look of the phone had improved over the T18s and was now available in different colours. The weight of the phone also came down by 20g and whilst not as slim as the T28s was more pocket sizes.
  • On board features dramatically improved with the addition of WAP. The phone could also take various add-ons such as an FM Radio or MP3 player, which were novelties for the time. There were also 4 games to match Nokia phones.
  • Battery life substantially increased with the NiMH battery which allowed several days without charging and longer talk-times.

Ericsson T20s Review Cons:

  • The phone still featured a large protruding antenna; phones such as the Nokia 3210 had gotten rid of theirs by now.
  • The use of the flip protected the keypad but resulted in an undersized screen compared to other models, which text sizes smaller to compensate.
  • Keypad buttons were relatively small; this made playing games slightly harder.
  • FM Radio attachment was not integrated and separate.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

At over 20 years old this is certainly a rare model of mobile phone. It was out-sold by the more popular Nokia phones at the time. But that is not to say that this was a worse product; it was still one of the best of the year. They are not available in large numbers today and working versions should see a decent price premium. Accessories such as the plug-in music ones are equally as sought after.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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