LG KP500 Cookie Review – Featured-Packed Budget Smartphone

LG KP500 Cookie Review: Released in 2008, the LG KP500 was an interesting new entrant to the budget smartphone market. With touchscreen phones having really come into fashion beginning with the Apple iPhone, the sheer price of these handsets produced a new niche. There were many people who wanted some of the features, but unable to afford the price tag of the top phones. At around £500, this was not a small amount.

LG were making top-end phones themselves, of course. The LG Viewty in 2007 was perhaps not an iPhone contender in use – it featured a resistive touchscreen after all, but the 5MP camera and 120 fps video blew many competitors out of the water. The successor to this was the LG Renoir, which also sought to compete using camera quality as a differentiating factor – this being the iPhone’s weakness at the time.

The KP500 is more of a mixed bag. At a much lower price here is a phone that doesn’t excel in any particular area. However, for a fraction of the price one could own a phone which had the novelty (at the time) of being operated by touch but was also versatile enough to be used as a media player.

Full specifications here.

The Cookie was quite successful and offered good value for money. There were a few variants, such as the LG Cookie Plus and LG Cookie Gig although these were still entry-level handsets with little improvement on this version.

LG KP500 Cookie Review Pros: 

  • This phone came in a surprisingly compact size and was pocket friendly. A plastic construction kept costs down and also the weight: at 89g it was considerably lighter than an iPhone.
  • There were many media-friendly features: the microSD could take up to 16GB and Bluetooth audio was supported.
  • A stylus was supplied integrated into the phone – this was a must for resistive screens as they struggled with accuracy on the input.
  • The operating system was one of the better proprietary ones and offered some ahead of the game features such as widgets and multi-tasking – these were not offered on iOS at the time.

LG KP500 Cookie Review Cons:

  • The resistive touch screen offered a noticeably poorer experience to the multi-touch phones. The 240 x 400 resolution was also on the low side even for an entry-level model.
  • The camera was not a strong point on the phone: it lacked auto-focus and flash. Pictures were much better on older candy-bar style phones. In addition video was only recordable at a very low frame rate and there was no front-facing camera.
  • Operating system was no match for Apple or Android, with those being very expandable with their use of app stores.
  • Connectivity was low on this handset. No Wi-Fi and no 3G limited the possibilities.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

This phone was popular enough in the day with the low price making it a worthwhile tradeoff. There are many of these models available on the second hand market and most are quite modestly priced, and other LG phones with more unique features are likely to perform better.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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