Motorola V220 Review – New Basic Level Flip Mobile Phone

Motorola V220 Review: Released at the end of 2003, the Motorola V220 was one of several phones which came out in short time as Motorola sought to dominate the flip phone market. With many popular models in the past such as the Motorola V66, it was now of the time that more discerning users started demanding much more from a mobile handset. Motorola had produced a colour mobile flip the year before – the T720. But the time had come where phones and cameras were becoming intertwined.

Another limiting factor was price: top end phones were expensive, even in 2003. With the market for mobile phones becoming increasingly younger, there was a demand for phones that were cheaper, but still had many of the main features.

The V220 was at the bottom end of the range: released at the same time were the Motorola V300, Motorola V500 and Motorola V600. Each model up added some incremental features. This lowest model was the lowest price and suitable for pay as you go networks.

Full specifications here.

These phones were all very successful, offering an alternative to the Nokia candybar or Samsung slide models. This particular model saw an upgrade at the start of 2005 in the Motorola V235. This was still a base model and featured mainly cosmetic improvements.

Motorola V220 Review Pros:

  • This phone came in a compact size. It was visually a smaller phone than the other models it was released with and around 15g lighter than the Motorola V600.
  • The screen was improved over the T720: a better colour depth was better for images. The phone also featured a second external mono screen which could display basic messages.
  • Camera was now integrated: a VGA resolution lens also featured digital 4x zoom. This was more a novelty than anything practical at a low resolution.
  • The phone also was one of the first Motorola ones to feature the mini-USB port for data transfer; this replaced the infrared port.

Motorola V220 Review Cons:

  • The smaller size reflected that the screen was smaller: this was also in a poorer resolution than its brother phones.
  • On board memory only totalled 1.8MB – with no additional card slot this limited the amount of images that could be taken and other data on the phone.
  • The screen resulted in a shorter battery life than the T720i and a much shorter one than the mono models.
  • Unlike the more expensive models, the covers on the phone were not changeable. The phone initially was only available in silver, although other colours would follow.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

Many of the Motorola flips are well sought after, although as a budget handset and also mass produced this may be one of the weaker ones. This being said, there are many available and a bonus of the flip design means that the internal screens and keypads are likely to be working and intact.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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