Motorola V545 Review – Mid-Range Flip Mobile Phone

Motorola V545 Review: Released in 2004, the Motorola V545 was the update to the successful V500 mobile phone. Motorola released this model as part of a number of others, each targeting differing segments of the market. It is some testament to their success that all of them managed to see successors, and there was a clear enough difference between the segments to make it worthwhile.

The V545 was an upper mid-range handset much like how the original V500 was. This difference between bottom and top had become more pronounced with the advance of mobile storage in the extremely small microSD card. This allowed users to store a relatively large amount of data in a format small enough to be well suited in mobile phones. Whilst the top-end Motorola V635 featured this new capability, the Motorola V545 did not.

That being said there were several notable improvements over the Motorola V500 models. A striking feature was the ability to use MP3s for ringtones – a huge upgrade on polyphonic. The camera now also shot video as well as taking pics. Much like others at this time, the model number varied depending on the network it was on, and so this phone was known as the Motorola V550, Motorola E550 and Motorola V545. A slightly different version, the Motorola V555 was released in America.

Full specifications here.

Again this formula was successful and the phone sold well, with users attracted by the form of the phone as well as the price point. A slight upgrade came out in 2005 in the form of the Motorola V555.

Motorola V545 Review Pros:

  • The same build quality was maintained from the Motorola V500. This meant a phone which was almost identical in size and also a satisfying weight. Unlike the cheaper versions the phone was able to be customised with replaceable bezels.
  • The camera gained a video recording function, although this was only in low resolution and also had limits on length. Photos taken with the phone also had some rudimentary editing.
  • Unlike the V500 the phone had MP3 support and could be used for ringtones.
  • A new higher capacity battery was installed on this phone giving longer standby and talktimes.

Motorola V545 Review Cons:

  • The screen was not upgraded over the V500: this was the same size and resolution.
  • Also the camera gained no upgrades aside from shooting video. It was still a small VGA lens; the improvement was larger in the V635 which had a flash.
  • A failing of all the flip phones here was that they retained the external antenna. Samsung had shown it did not need to be like this.
  • The phone had a rather small 5MB of memory on board and no expandable memory.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

These flip phones from Motorola are collectable to different degrees. Whilst the phone is not going to be as highly prized as some of the more advanced models they will no doubt gain some interest due to their distinctive looks. Models in good condition should fetch good prices.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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