Nokia 3100 Review – Low Cost Small Budget Mobile Phone

Nokia 3100 Review: Released in 2003, the Nokia 3100 was the follow-up to the massively popular Nokia 3510i. This was notable for being one of the first colour Nokia mobile phones in the mid-range segment. With less than a year spread between these releases, things were moving quickly in the mobile phone world and colour screens were becoming standard.

Another trend was the phones becoming smaller. Standard Nokia models tended to be on the chunky side, with more slimline models saved for the premium segment. For instance, the Nokia 6100 was a business-orientated mobile phone. The 3100 had a significant weight and size saving over the 3510 and probably was one of the first budget phones to be as small as the premium models. For instance, this was smaller and lighter than the flagship Nokia 7250i.

The Nokia 3100 was aimed at a younger market. The phone featured glow in the dark changeable covers, and also special limited edition housings which allowed the phone to use special lighting effects. The latter would be a trend that would be evident in several later phones of this series.

Full specifications here.

The phone was a popular model due to its low size and low cost. There were several sequels: the Nokia 3120 came less than a year later and featured metallic looking covers although was the same phone.  The Nokia 3200 was released almost at the same time and featured transparent covers and also a camera.

Nokia 3100 Review Pros:

  • The phone featured a slim-line size and also a slightly rubberised construction for the covers, which added an element of durability to things.
  • Screen resolution was improved over the Nokia 3510i and now was 128 x 128 pixels, which was the same as the Nokia 7250i.
  • Although the phone had no camera there was now support for graphics in the form of MMS. There was also room for Java applications.
  • The phone remained on Series 40 software making this a seamless transition from other phones.

Nokia 3100 Review Cons: 

  • The keypad featured rows of buttons rather than individual ones; the small size of the phone made them hard to press.
  • No integrated camera; although one could be connected via Pop-Port. Image sizes were small and with only 484Kb memory, not many could be stored on the phone.
  • Special covers were needed to unlock the special lighting effects; the cost of these were high relative to other Nokia covers.
  • There was not a large premium to the Nokia 3200, which featured a built-in camera.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

This phone was popular owing to its small size. Whilst not quite as valuable as other phones of this age, the phone is a solid enough seller. Its popularity means that it is readily available and the solid construction means that many are in good condition.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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