Samsung C120 Review – Budget Candybar Mobile Phone

Samsung C120 Review: Released in 2005, the Samsung C120 was an interesting spin-off from Samsung. At this point most of their released had comprised flip or slide phones – and these had been released with some success. However, these formats of phone were not for everyone. With a core group of users being brought up on the more standard candybar style phones, it was beneficial to have this base covered.

There were some tentative moves into this space. The Samsung C100 and C110 were entry-level mobile phones which gave the same facilities of other handsets but in a standard format. The C120 was an update of this. It was released at a similar time to other similar phones such as the Samsung C230 and Samsung C210 – these also had the same form factor but were pitched very slightly upmarket.

The most striking revision to the phone was the design which had changed a lot. The phone was now entirely reminiscent of a slider phone, except that the slide did not exist. This gave a degree of familiarity to the proceedings. The lack of slide also meant that these phones were quite a lot cheaper to purchase.

Full specifications here.

These phones were successful and another alternative to the Nokia phones at the time. For some time the C-series would run alongside the flip phones, offering visually similar alternatives to this handset.

Samsung C120 Review Pros: 

  • The phone came in a small size. The removal of the flip made this phone lighter and thinner than what it would have been, although obviously the overall footprint of the phone became a bit larger due to the keypad not recessing.
  • The keypad offers great functionality with a directional pad with navigation button. It was quite similar to many of the slider phones and compared well to other budget phones.
  • The plastic construction made this an easy phone to access for repair purposes, with no complicated components.
  • The low-powered CSTN screen offered good standby and talk-times.

Samsung C120 Review Cons: 

  • These were budget phones and not quite replicating the respective slide handset. The Samsung C300 was similar in look but came with more memory and also loudspeaker functions.
  • The phone had low memory: a 128 x 128 pixel screen was not the best anyway but multimedia images were not supported – that was saved for the Samsung C230
  • There was no WAP provision – something that was provided for on older handsets which had dropped to around the same price as this one.
  • Arguably many other features seen in other ultra-basic phones were lacking – there was no FM Radio for example and no games.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Samsung handsets are numerous, although the candybar style ones are seen much less. Whether that will translate into better prices for this phone remains debatable as for a modest price you could pick up many other visually striking phones.  On the plus side they are easy to keep in good condition and take a standard Samsung battery.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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