Samsung D600 Review – Upgraded Sleek Slide Mobile Phone

Samsung D600 Review: Released in 2005, the Samsung D600 had probably one of the easiest paths to follow. It was the successor to the Samsung D500, which was one of the breakthrough phones for Samsung and the sliding mobile phone concept. This sliding action offered a slightly different usage to many of the flip models and also allowed a greater area of the front to be used as the screen.

The D500 was the first of the Samsung phones to sell over a million handsets and as a result this format of phone was released in many different variants. Each of these variants targeted a slightly different part of the market. And so, much like the candybar style it was possible to have both budget and high-end versions of the same type of phone.

The D600 was the official successor although with a very short time between models it may be the case that Samsung simply chose to correct the D500s shortcomings. The phone was a top-end mobile and improved on the D500 in almost all aspects. All this while retaining the sleek look of the phone. Unsurprisingly, this phone also enjoyed the same type of success.

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With many variants of the slide out there it was almost inevitable that another successor would come out to this. The Samsung D800 appeared towards the end of 2005. This model retained the same looks but further increased the screen size to 2.2 inches.

Samsung D600 Review Pros: 

  • Camera quality was doubled to 2MP whilst retaining the flash. This was a welcome upgrade as many of the top mobile phones at the time were also capable of 2MP.
  • The D500 did not feature expandable memory. This was rectified in the D600 and the phone accepted the then-modern microSD format, which allowed a much greater quantity of video and photos to be stored.
  • The screen was upgraded over the D500 considerably and now featured a much better 240 x 320 resolution.
  • Connection with other devices was also improved, with the Bluetooth now supporting A2DP and a TV-out socket.

Samsung D600 Review Cons: 

  • The extra screen size came at some cost as the weight of the phone was pushed back over 100g; some would say the original D500 was a better looking handset. The camera was left on the exterior and not recessed behind the slide, leaving it open to the elements.
  • Camera quality was better than previous phones although other phones such as the Sony Ericsson K750i featured better sensors and better image quality.
  • The interface was less intuitive than others; multi-tasking was not available for apps such as the MP3 player.
  • The phone was only officially available in grey or red and changing the housings was made very difficult by the slide mechanism.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

Many Samsung slide releases of this time bear some resemblance to this phone: it may be difficult to tell them apart. That being said, it is well regarded and collectable and phones in good condition should achieve some reasonably good prices. The popularity of them means that they should be readily available.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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