Alcatel OneTouch 1016G Review – Ultra Light Budget Mobile Phone

Alcatel OneTouch 1016G Review: Released in 2015, the 1016G was a rare upgrade of the bottom tier of phones in the Alcatel series. The last meaningful releases in the ultra-basic range were some years before that in 2012. Subsequently the company changed tack and concentrated mainly on budget, touchscreen handsets. One of the beauties of the ultra-basic segment is that the phones never really drop out of fashion. They also never become obsolete in terms of spec.

Released also at the same time was the Alcatel 2007. This was a upgrade from the basic range and featured more items such as a camera. Design-wise, this was quite remiscent of the Nokia 301. By contrast, the 1016G was more of a Nokia 1-series phone and quite closely resembled its specification as well. That meant very little of anything; no camera, no storage, just the basics. Do not let the OneTouch name fool you: this handset does not have a touchscreen.

The compromise was the price. Alcatel phones were usually some of the cheapest in the market and available SIM-free. This was no exception for the 1016G and the price was often in the £10-20 range for a brand new, SIM-FREE handset. However, with many manufacturers also offering these basic handsets at similar prices, customers in this market segment were relatively spoilt as many of the phones functioned exactly the same.

Full specifications here.

Price was the driver and made this phone sell in large numbers. They were a popular handset for those who didn’t need any other features. As of today, the 1016G is still the base level handset and has not been updated. 2019 saw an interesting release with the Alcatel 3088 which was also a base level phone but was powered with 512MB RAM and a dual-core processor.

Alcatel OneTouch 1016G Review Pros:

  • The handset was extremely light. With a slightly lighter battery, this allowed a further weight saving to be made and it was around 10% lighter than the standard Nokia 100.
  • Standard replication of basic phone screens: this was a 1.8 inch TFT in 128 x 160 resolution.
  • With no other additions on the phone there was no need for a lot of storage; the 1016G comes with 4MB which allows a generous amount of media and records to be stored.
  • The phone comes at an extremely low price. With promotions the phone was often one of the cheapest on the market.

Alcatel OneTouch 1016G Review Cons:

  • Screen is rather undersized: with a some very wide bezels the phone could benefit from having a slightly larger screen at very small increase in price.
  • Battery life is shorter with a small 400mAH battery; this gives it much shorter standby and talktimes than the standard Nokia batteries.
  • The phone was available in one colour and customisations were not possible.
  • Operating system was standard and easy to use although there were some omissions such as a lack of games and voice memos.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

A curious point about these ultrabasic phones is in terms of depreciation there is not much to be had. Typically costing under £10 (maybe less if bought with some network credit) good condition phones will most likely still sell for the same price today. They still function perfectly as handsets.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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