LG KG800 Review – Sweet Like Chocolate Mobile Phone

LG KG800 Review – Released in 2006, the LG KG800 was nicknamed ‘Chocolate’. It was not a standard candybar phone however, but a slider model. The chocolate name was perhaps due to the innovative touch-sensitive buttons on the front of the phone. This allowed for a keypad with no keys at all and thus a totally smooth finish. The dark tones of this mobile phone could thus be compared to a chocolate bar, albeit a more square shaped one.

This certainly was another attempt by mobile phone companies to add gimmicks to their handsets to make them more unique. LG had some form in this area and in the pipeline at the time were some pretty premium handsets such as the LG Shine and LG Prada phones. In the past there was a very rare LG V9000 phone which featured a rotatable screen.

As with many of the LG ‘fashion’ phones this was much a sense of style over substance. The design itself was such a selling point that perhaps the rest didn’t matter so much. So whilst the phone was visually appealing, in terms of spec this lagged behind the market. There was a 1.3MP camera with no expandable memory.

Full specifications here.

This phone was very popular and certainly at the time one of the better looking handsets on the market. The same touch-pad design was used for its successor, the LG KU800. This was released in 2006 as well and perhaps was what the Chocolate should have been. It featured an improved screen, camera and support for microSD.

LG K800 Review Pros: 

  • The phone featured an extremely elegant design. At 88g the phone also was thin and light, and felt like a very premium product.
  • Touch-sensitive menu navigation was the centrepiece of the handset, which negated the need for physical keys, only lighting up when required.
  • 128MB of internal space was given on the phone, which was a fair amount for the camera and video to store images.
  • Standard headphones could be used with a new handsfree set which had the 3.5mm port on its controls.

LG K800 Review Cons: 

  • The phone was overpriced compared to others of similar spec. There was a large premium attached to the design.
  • Imaging was slightly weak for a premium phone. This featured a 1.3MP camera when many others were at 2MP and above. Moreover videos were only possible at very low resolutions.
  • The music side of the phone was underpowered despite the impressive remote control. The phone only could accommodate a few songs by virtue of the 128MB and there was no radio.
  • The touchpad was now more easy to press accidentally when active as buttons did not need to be pressed, the shiny finish also made it easier for fingerprints and smears.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

These LG phones of this era were also made more distinctive by having some premium, attractive packaging. Those who kept this could achieve much better prices than those without. In lack of this, this is still a collectable model with the non-black variants worth a bit more.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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