Motorola C115 Review – Stylish Candybar Mono Mobile Phone

Motorola C115 Review: Released in 2004, the Motorola C115 was an interesting new release. The C-Series from Motorola had long rallied against the fashionable trends by making most of their released monochrome phones while the world of mobile phones was turning to colour. In some essences, it was the slowest evolving of all the lines, as these were basic enough phones which didn’t require the latest features.

By this time colour had taken over to such a large extent that the mono phones were relegated to the entry level phones. This was for good reason as well: without colour, these phones could not display pictures. Entertainment was limited as well with only certain types of game possible. Most of the phones left in this segment were by Nokia, who had a relatively sterile design for their phones.

The C-series brought a slightly more stylish way to these phones. The circular screen surround was more reminiscent of the Motorola V70 (itself a reverse monochrome model). However this phone did not see another release. The C115 came out with some similar variants: the C116 and also the C155 (same look, except colour). All featured 96 x 54 screens with 5 lines of data – probably about as good as it got for these phones.

Full specifications here.

The mono C-series did not end there. This phone gained a refresh in 2005 in the C113 (featuring a larger battery). Three other mono models (C113a, C117, C118) also came out at this time. However, this would be the end for the C-series and no more were produced under this name.

Motorola C115 Review Pros:

  • This phone had a solid design. It felt more premium than many of the Nokia 1-series phones with a metallic style finish, whilst still being light weight. The keypad was certainly preferable to the rubberised matted styles preferred on the Nokia models.
  • A large defined circular screen surround was reminiscent of the V70. The blue backlight also offered a superior contrast to the previous models.
  • Like the other phones in the series, the antenna was recessed on the models, making it easier to carry.
  • The phone featured an upgraded 860mAH battery from the previous C300 giving much better standby and talk times.

Motorola C115 Review Cons:

  • The phone had a lower capacity storage and was reminiscent of the much older phones which restricted SMS capacity and phonebook entries.
  • The screen surround was relatively large, and did not feature a larger screen or higher resolution when this could have been done.
  • Other budget phones offered WAP browsers for rudimentary text information: this was missed out here.
  • The phone traded at a relatively large premium to the very basic Nokia handsets.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects#

Despite the phone being of very basic specification, there is a relatively good market for these owing to their rarer look. They would trade at similar prices to some of the older Nokia mono models. Accessories for this phone also are pretty valuable as they can be used on similar models in the same family.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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