Motorola T720 Review – Colour Screen Flip Mobile Phone

Motorola T720 Review: Released in 2002, the Motorola T720 was a significant release. With Motorola making many successful flip phones in the past such as the Motorola V60 and V66, the time had come where colour screens were now in use. The T720 was the first flip release that allowed the use colour for its internal screen. This was a high-end release which was reflected in the design: a high quality metallic finish. This style was much in keeping with the previous flip phones but the squared style was also a throw-back to the Startac series.

The T720 also encapsulated some of the trends of the time. The flip phone had evolved a monochrome second external screen – this was seen on the V60i but now was larger and capable of more data. Rather unusually for a Motorola phone the front and rear plates of the handset were replaceable, much like how Nokia had Xpress-on covers. This allowed a wide range of designs for the phone.

The phone was also released as two variants although physically they were identical. The Motorola T720i came bundled with a plug-in external camera which allowed images to be taken. Much like all of the plug-in cameras of this era the quality of these pictures were fairly low.

Full specifications here.

This phone was pretty popular and offered a decent alternative to the many candybar models out there. 2003 saw the release of its successor, the Motorola T725. This retained a similar look and improved memory, although the camera was still not integrated and came separately. The T-series ended up dying out and was superceded by the various V-series colour flips.

Motorola T720 Review Pros: 

  • This was a nice quality design. The phone was of solid construction and now features exchangeable front and back plates. If you chose not to use these, the phone was of pleasant appearance.
  • A much more efficient use of space was used for the keypad and screen over previous models. The keypad in particular now was spread out more and made buttons easier to press.
  • A new style of antenna design was used for this model – this was much smaller than previous models at no cost to the reception.
  • A new colour screen allowed greater possibilities – the phone allowed Java downloads of games for instance.

Motorola T720 Review Cons: 

  • A slightly larger chassis made this a heavier phone than the V66. The antenna also wasn’t fully recessed and could be uncomfortable to carry in the pocket.
  • The display was relatively small with large screen bezels, and also supported only 4096 colours, meaning that it was not great for pictures.
  • The phone camera was only detachable and was at a low 320 x 240 resolution. Limited storage on the phone also made it difficult to store many pictures.
  • Housings were harder to obtain and much more expensive than their Nokia counterparts.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

This is a rare model, although lacking the iconic status of some other flip handsets of this time. However, the pure lack of numbers for this phone should eventually support a decent price in the future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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