Nokia 6822 Review – Updated Unique Mobile Phone

Nokia 6822 Review: The Nokia 6822 was released in 2005 as an update to the Nokia 6820, which was the most popular phone in this series of phones. Whilst not game-changing, they were unique phones at the time, with a fold-out design allowing a full QWERTY keyboard to be used in a regular phone which was no bigger or heavier than many other candybar phones at the same time. With very few other phone manufacturers copying this design, it gave rise to a degree of exclusivity.

The evolution of this series was quite interesting. The original Nokia 6800 dated back to 2003, and was a relatively heavier model at 122g, although it featured exactly the same fold out keyboard. Mobile phones were evolving rapidly at this time, and cameras were quickly coming to phones as well as Bluetooth connections.

The Nokia 6820 remedied these omissions and also shrunk the size of the phone, making it shorter and thinner. By contrast, the Nokia 6822 was more of an incremental upgrade. It was virtually the same size, but featured an upgraded screen with better colour definition and also a higher resolution camera.

Full specifications here.

Despite these phones being successful, the Nokia 6822 was the last in the series of fold-out keyboard phones. One of the core downsides to these models was that the increased demand on keyboard space meant that screens had to be smaller to compensate. QWERTY fans were not to be disappointed as a new release – the Nokia E61 came out in the same year which featured a keyboard and a much larger screen.

Nokia 6822 Review Pros: 

  • The phone featured a very distinctive QWERTY keyboard which folded away when not in use. The flip was active, so folding it out, the phone would automatically detect this and rotate the screen into horizontal mode. You did not need to use the keyboard to type and messages could be written in the old way.
  • The screen was improved over the last phone and now was a TFT 65K colour one, bringing this into line with many of the better phones of the day.#
  • Camera was also upgraded and doubled in resolution, although this was still only VGA.
  • Maximising the use of the keyboard there was also an email client, making sending longer messages very easy.

Nokia 6822 Review Cons: 

  • In order to keep the size of phone down, the screen size was restricted to a small 1.5 inches. The 128 x 128 resolution also had not improved since the original Nokia 6800.
  • Camera was still fairly poor on the phone with no flash; although the phone was more pitched at business users.
  • There was a real lack of memory on the phone assuming it could be used for emails and media, and no expandable memory was allowed.#
  • The price of the phone was quite high and Blackberry models offered a bit more for the business user.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

These are some of the more distinctive phones from Nokia and as such they are sought after. The original Nokia 6800 and 6810 are much more rarer and command better prices, with the later two models having greater take-up and being easier to get.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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