Samsung C3050 Review – Budget Slider Mobile Phone

Samsung C3050 Review: The Samsung C3050 was released in 2009. By this time, the type of phone that was the most popular had changed hands as touchscreens were now prevalent. This had led to many of the new flip phones that were now being produced to drift down to the value end of the market. Gone were the days where top of the range flip phones could hope to compete, as some of their downsides limited them. The need for a keypad for instance, doubled the thickness and also restricted the screen size.

However, it is interesting to see how these flip phones evolved. Models such as the Samsung C3050 were much weaker than the headline grabbing phones seen four years earlier. However, they now were priced at a fraction of the price. With many iterations of this series already behind it, they also were very reliable in terms of build quality. This was also a relatively fresh model in terms of design: quite similar to the U900 although cut down significantly in terms of spec.

Not unusually for Samsung this phone was released with others at the same time. The Samsung C3010 was an interesting model – featuring exactly the same build as the C3050 but in a candybar format. The Samsung C3110 was a slightly more advanced model featuring a better feature set, although this was still entry-level.

Full specifications here.

The rate of release of flip phones was starting to slow now as other phones started to become more popular. However, the Samsung C3050 gained a successor in the Samsung C5510. This was a much improved handset with a similar design but with improved internals, pushing it up into the lower mid-range. The Samsung S3500 was also a similar phone in a different family. This was of similar positioning to the C5510 but with a metallic design.

Samsung C3050 Review Pros:

  • The phone featured a very nice design and possibly represented the best of the sliders. The front featured a large home key with equally large function buttons, making this easy to operate. With no metallic parts the phone also saved on weight.
  • Camera lens placement was smart: instead of on the back of the phone it was recessed behind the slide which gave it protection when not in use.
  • Unlike entry-level slides of years past, this phone featured a microSD card slot which supported up to 8GB. There was also an MP3 player attached to make use of this.
  • Cost of the phone is very low and affordable.

Samsung C3050 Review Cons: 

  • Build quality was a different matter to looks. While most of the earlier sliders were more expensive, the C3050 was predominantly plastic and felt slightly cheaper to use.
  • Despite having a 2.0 inch screen resolution was a low 120 x 160 pixels giving a very low density and making it unsuitable for pictures.
  • The camera was also a very low VGA resolution and did not feature a flash. Pictures and videos on this model were generally of poorer quality relative to other phones.
  • Personalisation of the phone was very limited with no housings available. The phone only became available in two colours – black and pink.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

The phone was pretty popular in its day due to the low price. Due to its resemblance to the U900 this phone also looks more expensive and capable than it is real life. They are of only modest interest today, but at least there is some.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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