Samsung E1120 Review – Cheap Basic Mobile Phone

Samsung E1120 Review: Released in 2009, there was very little surprising about this release of phone. After being absent from the very low basic end of the market, the company had started to make up for lost time with a large release of phones. The Samsung E1110 was the predecessor to this phone and that only came out a few months before. Not content with just one, the start of 2009 saw several models released with similar model numbers – the E1070 and E1100 were very similar in style, and the E1310 was one of the first basic flip models.

It was not always the case that the E-series for Samsung stood for value. In the past phones such as the E800 and E900 were higher-end slider phones. But with Samsung now increasing a large range of phones of all different types, something had to give. The dynamics of the ultra-basic level of phones was slightly different. Phones could sell in incredibly large numbers, and never really went out of fashion. Being simple to use and having little other features, the main way of diffrentiation could be looks or price.

Samsung chose both of these factors in the design for this phone. The pricing was extremely cheap, and the design of the phone was in a silver and black colour. This offered a rather standard professional look over the more garish colours of some other models. Being cheap didn’t automatically mean it had to be for kids.

Full specifications here.

The upgrade cycle was pretty quick and by the end of the year this phone had its successor. The Samsung E1130B was actually a bigger upgrade than most, most notably becoming IP54-rated splashproof and offering WAP browser.

Samsung E1120 Review Pros: 

  • This phone featured a pleasing design. A silver metallic look was actually plastic and made the phone incredibly light and small – at 66g including battery it was one of the lightest and smallest out there.
  • The price tag for this phone was also very cheap and often could be picked up subsidised by a network for close to free.
  • With few demands the phone was very power-efficient with very long talk times and standby time.
  • The phone also came with the Mobile Tracker feature, allowing pre-set SMSs to be sent when a different SIM card is used.

Samsung E1120 Review Cons: 

  • The screen felt undersized at 1.5 inches; given the very large screen surrounds this could have been made larger.
  • The phone regressed in some ways to the previous E1110 – it featured less on-board memory. This gave a smaller phonebook capacity and lower call records.
  • USB connectivity as seen in the E1110 was absent here.
  • The phone also lacked some nice features as seen in other ultra basic models – for example a radio and a dedicated torchlight.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

This as well as other ultra-basic models are still in use today – parts are cheap to buy and the battery life puts much newer models to shame. However, they were produced in massive numbers, and this supply should see prices suppressed for the forseeable future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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