Siemens A50 Review – Colourful Candybar Mobile Phone

Siemens A50 Review: The Siemens A50 was released in 2002 as part of the base range of Siemens mobile phones. At this time in the mobile phone market, colour screens were beginning to become mainstream. This year also saw the release of the Nokia 3510i which featured a rudimentary colour screen. It would be another year before Siemens would enter this market (not counting the Siemens S25 which was a trailblazer). However, the company were putting out some solid products. The Siemens SL45 was a high-end model which was one of the few mono models to feature a memory card slot.

Siemens were also on trend here. The Siemens A50 was an upgrade of the Siemens A40 released in 2001. This phone broke with tradition and was released in some loud colours – red and blue – reflecting the changing times. Those bold colours were not replicated – the official release colours were called blueberry and vanilla – although one could purchase exchangeable covers. This was something that made Nokia phones very popular.

In terms of upgrades this was a large improvement over the Siemens A40, although merely in line with the numerous Siemens family phones such as the C-series, S-series or M-series. The phone most notably had lost its external antenna and there was a large weight saving. The display also became bigger and was able to display more data.

Full specifications here.

This phone was followed quickly by the Siemens A55. This phone looked quite similar but was slimmed down even more, and weighed less. There was also an increase in the internal memory which allowed greater storage.

Siemens A50 Review Pros: 

  • The design of the phone was pretty cool. The external antenna had disappeared and the overall weight of the package was low. Covers were plastic and were easily interchangeable.
  • Display size significantly increased over the old model and a resolution of 101 x 64 allowed many lines of text to be displayed.
  • Orange backlighting offered a small difference to other models and offered arguably better legibility at night.
  • Upgrading was easy from other Siemens models as sensibly many of the same accessories such as battery and charger were used.

Siemens A50 Review Cons: 

  • The phone memory was insufficient on this phone – just 50 names allowed. Even with extra SIM card storage this was a limiting factor for many.
  • Officially the phone only came in two colours. Finding additional covers could be quite difficult.
  • Many handy features were missing such as organiser or torch.
  • The phone featured a WAP browser but was limited by the screen size, and games were also less engaging than other models.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

It is harder to sell some of these phones apart as many Siemens phones were based off the same design – handily their model number is printed on it. In terms of prices they are unlikely to be as iconic as the Nokia phones of this era, although they may prove valuable some time in future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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