Sony Ericsson Z610 Review – Updated Flip Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson Z610 Review: Released in 2006, the Sony Ericsson Z610 was an update to the Sony Ericsson Z600 of the year before. This Z-series of phones had become well-known for flip models with several different ones appearing appealing to differing price points. There was a previous model: the Sony Ericsson Z710 released earlier in 2006 which is fairly close in spec to this phone although is not an upgrade of anything in particular and is more highly geared towards music.

The Z600 itself was a highly regarded handset. Coming with a decent build quality, this phone featured exchangable covers as well as a small external LCD built into the top of the phone. In what was a fairly innovative move, the phone also supported a gamepad. The Gameboard EGB-10 attached to the phone to provide a Super NES-type joypad which obviously enhanced the gaming experience.

However, the Z610 was a massive improvement over the Z610. The external screen became much larger and with an entire glossy face to the front screen the bezels are almost invisible, giving an impressive effect. There were some very new additions as well over the previous years model. A secondary camera was added for video calls, and the phone also support the Sony memory stick allowing storage of up to 2GB.

Full specifications here.

This design was popular and this phone saw an upgrade the next year in 2007 with the Sony Ericsson Z750. This had an identical look but a much better resolution for the internal screen.

Sony Ericsson Z610 Review Pros: 

  • This phone featured an excellent, unique design. In an age where many flip phones were resembling each other, this phone was distinctive and with the entire front screen given over to a glossy finish, it could also be used as a mirror.
  • The phone also featured a genuine secondary camera, which could be used for video calling if the network supported it.
  • A greater amount of flexibility was given to the usage of the phone with the addition of the memory card slot, allowing music to be added.
  • The camera was much better than the Z600, getting a large step up in resolution to 2MP and also shooting videos.

Sony Ericsson Z610 Review Cons: 

  • Screen size was almost the same as the Z600 and there was only a modest uptick in resolution to 176 x 220 – this was still not great for photos.
  • The camera was also lacking compared to the K-series models which focused on imaging. Unlike others it lacked autofocus and flash.
  • The phone also wasn’t as friendly to music enthusiasts: many of the W-series phones had dedicated shortcut keys externally for the MP3 player. It was also missing the radio that the Z710 featured.
  • The impressive look at the phone came at a cost; despite being equivalent to a mid-range model such as the K610 in terms of spec, it was much more expensive.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

This is a relatively rare and unique model. Although not sought after enough to justify top prices, there should be sufficient interest going into the future to make this a worthwhile purchase.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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