Nokia C3-01 Review – Touch and Type Mobile Phone

Nokia C3-01 Review: Released in 2010, the Nokia C3-01 was an interesting release from Nokia. Previously, it had specialised in making the candybar style mobile phone and more recently it had made touchscreen only handsets. This was no surprise, as this was the direction the industry was moving in. The two types of phone never really combined, until this year. Under the ‘touch and type’ name, the first phones coming out this were the Nokia X3-02 and the Nokia C3-01.

This phone was quite high-specced, maybe surprisingly so as previous Nokia releases under the C-series this year were budget based. By contrast, these phones could at a push compete with the bigger touchscreen phones at the time on most aspects bar the screen size. The C3-01 probably shaded it in terms of spec, with the X3-02 featuring a distinctive keypad which had four keys per row instead of the usual 3.

The Nokia C3-01 took some tried and tested features from older Nokia models. There was a metallic construction similar to the Nokia 6700 classic and also large keypad layout. The phone also featured a microSD card slot, Wi-FI and a 5 megapixel camera with flash – these factors made this a good value phone for the money.

Full specifications here.

The relatively small screen made the use of a touchscreen a little redundant, although this phone carved a niche for itself. The phone’s successor was most likely the Nokia Asha 300, which featured much of the same design with the touchscreen. This was not an improvement, with some features missing out to achieve a lower price.

Nokia C3-01 Review Pros: 

  • Touchscreen on this phone offers an alternative way to navigate menus which makes some things a lot easier, for instance navigation between menus. The operating system was updated to take this into account.
  • High quality build – a metallic design is reminiscent of many of Nokia’s best mobile phones. The phone is much more pocket friendly than the alternative phones, at only 1cm thick.
  • A strong feature set is on the phone. A 5MP camera with flash, microSD card support and Wi-Fi means this can compete with many mid-range models.
  • A large 1050mAH battery was on the phone, and given the smaller screen this translated into much better standby times compared to smartphones.

Nokia C3-01 Review Cons: 

  • The touchscreen had some limited uses. Being of the resistive type it was not as satisfying a usage as the multi-touch types. The lack of D-pad means that the usage is forced for certain actions.
  • Screen size is just 2.4 inches, which was about as large as it could get without making the phone too big. With a resolution of 240 x 320 there was only a limited amount of info that could fit onto the screen and using touch to send messages was impractical.
  • The rear camera was powerful for a mid-range phone but it lacked a front camera for video calls.
  • Applications were slightly weak on this phone, with many of the newer Ovi store apps made for bigger screens. The phone did also not support multi-tasking.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Although not a classic, this phone is popular and well-regarded. Perhaps this may be due to the good build quality and high useability of the handset, even now. In future this will probably be a solid example of a Nokia handset.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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