Samsung S8000 Jet Review – High End TouchWiz Mobile Phone

Samsung S8000 Jet Review: Released in 2009, the Samsung S8000 Jet was one of the phones that preceded Samsung’s widespread adoption of Android, instead running it’s updated TouchWiz UI. This was also part of the developing series as manufacturers scrambled to keep up to date with the (then) new Apple iPhone series.

One of the original models was the Samsung Omnia i800 which featured a high-end specification and high quality build. This also came with a stylus and optical trackpad. This was needed as the phone featured a resistive touchscreen instead of the capacative ones Apple used. It also ran on Windows Professional, which whilst a capable system was nowhere near as user-friendly. Compensating against this was a feature set in advance of the iPhones: for instance the iPhone 3GS did not have a selfie camera. Neither did any iPhone support expandable storage.

Two new successors came out in 2009: the Omnia i8000 featured a much larger screen using the new AMOLED panel which delivered excellent colour contrast. This kept with the Windows operating system. The Jet S8000 was a little smaller, but still fully specced, but instead of Windows, ran a proprietary system made by Samsung which was seen on previous touchscreen phones and was quite similar to Android.

Full specifications here.

It is fair to say that many trends were coming to an end here. There were a couple more Windows phones released, but eventually they were abandoned in favour of Android, with the propreitary OS being kept for the smaller-screen budget phones. Smaller screens were also against the trend at the high end, and the 2010 Samsung Galaxy S would prove to be much more popular and a big leap forward from these phones.

Samsung S8000 Jet Review Pros:

  • The screen was much improved over the older Omnia and featured a 480 x 800 resolution – double the previous. This combined with the new AMOLED made it much better for watching videos.
  • A new 800Mhz processor powered things which gave the phone some badly needed workpower and made things much smoother. Overall the feature set was top-end with pretty much all the latest features.
  • The camera was updated with many software improvements only seen on standalone digital cameras at the time such as face detection and smile shot captures.
  • An improved proprietary operating system which was based around touch, thus negating the need for a stylus.

Samsung S8000 Jet Review Cons:

  • The screen was a little small at 3.1 inches and in retrospect was a step in the wrong direction as the demand was for larger screen phones.
  • The screen was also of the resistive type, which despite improvements to the software could not compare to the superior multi-touch screens in terms of ease of use.
  • With a large use of plastic for the rear, the phone lacked the premium feel of some of its competitors. This despite commanding a high price tag.
  • Operating system lacked the expansiveness of Apple/Android and its app stores and thus there was not as much expandability to its use.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

This phone was popular for a short while as an iPhone rival before its successor. After this,  the original Galaxy S really blew it out of the water. Thus, it became quickly forgotten and probably will not achieve top prices in the future. The larger Omnia i8910 is probably a better bet.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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